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Getting started

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 Getting started

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Getting started

How do I get access to Adviser Online?

To get access to Adviser Online, you’ll need to Register as an adviser with Sunsuper.

View the Adviser Registration Terms and Conditions.

Once your registration is approved (it typically takes two business days):

  • You will receive access to Adviser Online
  • You can complete an Advice Fee Request for the advice you provide your clients (Initial/One-Off and/or Ongoing).

AOL log in process

To log in to AOL you will need to enter your username (personalised work email) and password.

AOL login screen

As a security measure, you will also be required to confirm your identity by receiving and confirming a verification code sent to one of your recorded email addresses or mobile numbers. 

Note: You’ll only be asked to enter this code once a day for each computer or device.

Verify your identity

Verification code field

How do I view my client’s details in Adviser Online?

Your client’s details will be visible once you have authority in place and that member has been established in our system with a Sunsuper member number. Your client’s details will be shown when you enter their member number into the relevant field on the Member tab in Adviser Online.

How do I reset my password for Adviser Online?

Give us a call on 13 11 84 8:00am - 6:30pm (AEST) Monday to Friday and we’ll reset your password.

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Training videos

Play button View our library of training videos on YouTube here

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Which internet browsers does Adviser Online work on?

  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

I have hit ‘Save & Next’ and nothing seems to happen. Why?

There are probably still mandatory fields on the screen that need completing. Scroll back up the screen and you should see those fields highlighted in red with a suitable message.

I generated a transaction, but didn’t receive a PDF for my client to sign. What should I do?

Please call us on 13 11 84 and we will email you a copy of the PDF. Alternatively, please cancel the task in Manage transactions and try again to complete and generate a PDF.

I have been presented with an error screen after 30 minutes of non-activity. What should I do?

Your session has timed out. Close your browser session and log in again to initiate a new user session. Any work in progress will be saved up to the previous Save and Next button.

I am unable to attach any documents? – I receive this message: File <file name> could not be uploaded. What should I do?

Please try uploading it again. You most likely have multiple sessions of Adviser Online open across multiple browsers and one or more of those sessions has timed out. Close down all your browsers and retry. You should be able to go to Manage transactions, select your incomplete transaction and continue with attaching your document(s).

If you're still having no luck, try using a private (incognito) browser.

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Need more help?

For further assistance, please phone us on 13 11 84 8:00am - 6:30pm (AEST) Monday to Friday.