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How do the super experts take charge of their super?

  • 21

Like you, Sunsuper's Head of Advice and Retirement and National Education Manager are balancing kids, mortgages, extended families, super and retirement plans. Don't miss their tips and personal stories.

Vaccines, housing booms and financial markets

  • 23

Don't miss Chief Economist Brian Parker and Anne Fuchs, Head of Advice and Retirement, as they discuss Brian's insights into the latest financial market performance and what it could mean for your super.

Living your best retirement with a Sunsuper Income account

  • 1 hr 22

Our education experts explain when you can access your super, how account-based pensions work, investment choices leading up to retirement, the government age pension eligibility and more.

A short masterclass on asset class

  • 10

When it comes to investing, diversification is critical. It’s why we invest across both listed and unlisted assets. Take a short masterclass on asset class to better understand investment diversification and strategy.

Retirement – tips and strategies to get your super sorted

  • 21

Our education experts wrap up 2020's impact on Sunsuper's investment performance, outline upcoming super legislation changes, and provide tips to help you get your retirement plans on track in 2021.

Test your inner investor

  • 5

The investor needs quiz is a guide to help you decide how you feel about risk and return, how you may like to plan for your goals and how those decisions may influence the way you invest your super.

Are you retirement ready?

  • 57

Our financial advisers and education experts discuss clear strategies and offer simple steps to help make sure you're retirement ready - no matter how close or far away retirement may be for you.

Advice in 2021. Let's video call!

  • 2

An unintended outcome from 2020 has been the “boom in Zoom”; that is, how comfortable many of us have become with meeting virtually. As a Sunsuper member, you can access financial advice via video call.

Is the COVID-19 volatility behind us?

  • 23

Our financial experts discuss 2020 market performance, the potential economic impacts of ongoing COVID infection rates and other world events, the outlook for 2021, and Sunsuper's investment performance.

5 things you can do to bridge the superannuation gender gap

  • 7

There’s a gender gap in super that can’t be ignored. On average, women in Australia retire with 47% less in super than men. Discover 5 key ways to bridge the superannuation gap so you can relax in retirement.

Electricity in Finland: a COVID-resistant Sunsuper investment

  • 7

In 2014, Sunsuper acquired a 10 per cent interest in Caruna, the largest electricity distribution company in Finland, operating an electricity distribution network of over 87,000km for over 680,000 customers.

6 ways to grow your super balance

  • 5

When it comes to superannuation, some Australians can have a ‘set and forget’ approach. Here, we look at 6 ways to actively grow your super balance, which can make a big difference to your retirement.

2020-21 federal Budget – how it might affect your super

  • 20

Looking for a simple summary of the 2020-21 federal Budget announcements? Our education experts discuss what the Treasurer announced and how it might impact your super and retirement planning.

Learn about investing

  • 4

Super is an investment in your future. Becoming familiar with a few key investment principles can help you make sense of your investment choices and know how it ties in with your super balance.

Market update - COVID 19, elections and the federal Budget

  • 29

Hear about the economic impact of COVID-19, government support measures and the federal Budget. Our financial experts discuss financial market response, Sunsuper's investment performance, and more.

12 benefits of super

  • 5

There are a number of benefits you can get from your superannuation if you're with the right fund for you, and you’re making sure it’s working for you as best as it can, both in your working life and in retirement.

When can I access my super? – Transition to retirement strategies

  • 14

Our experts discuss the age you can access your super, conditions of release, such as preservation age, and how members might use a Transition to Retirement (TTR) Income account and recontribution strategies.

Super made simple

  • 3

Your super is your money, so it pays to take an interest to learn the basics. In this article, we look at super 101 - what it is, how contributions work, how to grow your balance, accessing your super and more.

Financial market performance – the last and next 10 years

  • 15

Over the last decade, super fund members have enjoyed especially strong returns. But are the good times over? Our experts define "real returns", explain Sunsuper's future return expectations, and more.

The 10/30/60 revelation

  • 8

Did you know up to 60% of your retirement income could be generated after the day you stop working – through earnings on your super? Here’s how the right advice now can get you on track in retirement.

Financial markets - Brexit, the US and what's next

  • 15

Our experts chat about Brexit, delving into the unpredictable business of elections and discussing how Sunsuper's long-term investments aim to protect members from short-term volatility, and more.

The ups and downs of self-managed super funds

  • 12

It seems more Australians have considered managing their retirement through a self-managed super fund (SMSF). But before you consider this, here are some of the things to know about SMSFs.

The economy, investments & opportunities in North QLD

  • 12

Our experts dive into the potential and promise in North Queensland. They discuss ecotourism, the North Queensland Stadium, Hell's Gate and PresCare, exploring the investment potential for Sunsuper's members.

The greatest promotion I ever received

  • 7

"Now, at 67, looking back on the day I became the boss - the day I retired - was truly the greatest promotion of my life." Hear about Brian's greatest promotion and how you can make your retirement dreams a reality.

Is more investment market volatility on the cards?

  • 15

Our experts discuss how and why political events are front and centre for financial markets and how Sunsuper's investment managers are helping ensure members can still sleep soundly at night amidst the ongoing volatility.

Act the age you feel, not the age you are

  • 4

After years of planning and saving up your superannuation, retirement has arrived. Now is not the time to act your age though. Let your retirement be about feeling younger than your biological age.

The value of advice in retirement - part 2

  • 15

Our experts discuss how financial needs may change in retirement, and our research, which shows the value of advice in helping a couple wind up their SMSF, open an Income account, and enjoy life in retirement.

Are we born super-dextrous?

  • 3

There's a new word for people who can skillfully master the art of doing multiple things at once. We're not talking about being ambidextrous. We're talking about being super-dextrous.

Explaining Sunsuper's alternative strategy investments

  • 15

Our experts cover post-GFC investments in Icelandic banks, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, and how these investments are a low-risk strategy to earn a return for members above cash, and diversify our portfolios.

Selfies, hashtags & the value of financial advice

  • 8

An unlikely combination? This trio’s commonality lies in the fact that the latter (financial advice) is trending. While still a way off the uber-trending ubiquity of the first two, people are hungry for financial confidence.

Explaining Sunsuper's private market investments

  • 15

Our experts discuss property, infrastructure, private capital and hedge funds investments in Sunsuper's portfolio that may not be known or available to most investors, and how we maximise these opportunities.

Financial advice: like satnav for your super

  • 7

Can you confidently drive off into the sunset knowing your super has enough in the tank? Discover the value of advice and how the right kind can steer you in the right direction to your best possible retirement.

Advisers and super funds working together

  • 20

In the wake of the Banking Royal Commission, which highlighted the importance of trust and integrity in the financial advice and services industries, our experts discuss relevant and important adviser issues.

The chemistry of 'aaaaaaagh!'

  • 3

Discover the "sigh-ence" behind your financial happiness and wellbeing. Financial stress plays its part in causing anxiety, and it does more than weigh heavily on our mind; you could say it’s in our DNA.

Your superannaution post federal election

  • 10

Our experts break down the 2019 federal election outcome and what's affecting the global economy. It's a must-listen if you want to know how your super could be impacted as our country moves forward.

Get financially fit with the Guru of Super

  • 4

What does fitness look like when you’re older? If you’re picturing professional lawn bowlers in crisp whites, that’s not quite what we had in mind. What we really mean is financial fitness in your retirement.

3 ways to fast-track your super this year

  • 9

Is this financial year the one you'll make sure your super is on the right track to help you achieve your retirement dreams? Our experts share three simple steps to get your super on track for retirement.

Super equality

  • 6

When it comes to superannuation balances, women usually come off second best. Their average super balance at retirement is around half that of men’s. Isn’t it time we got the balance right?

Local business impact on people with special needs

  • 15

Our team talk with a young woman who created a profit-for-purpose business employing Australians with special needs. Nip Wijewickrema started GG's Flowers and Hampers and is doing a fantastic job.

Is your super a perfect match for the life you love?

  • 9

It’s never too early or late to consider if you’ll have enough super to support the retirement you want. How much you’ll need is a tricky question - you should think about the things you’d like to be doing.

Interview with former Vanguard chief investment officer

  • 17

Our expert talks with Gus Sauter, former Vanguard Chief Investment Officer. Don't miss his views on passive vs active investment management, the power of fund models, and what's in store for global financial markets.

Ready to feel confident about your financial future?

  • 7

Feeling relaxed about your finances is key to happiness. Most people who get financial advice agree it gives them more confidence and peace of mind when it comes to their financial future. So why put it off?

Seven ‘super' steps to strive for

  • 14

Our expert for a round-table discussion on how to maximise the potential of your super. It's essential listening for anyone wanting to get on the right track to achieve their retirement dreams.

Building your dream retirement

  • 6

Creating your dream retirement is a lot like building your dream house. You’ve got to get the foundations right, choose the inclusions, make sure everything suits your needs, and then maintain it all properly.

Financial market wrap – what's next for 2019?

  • 11

Our experts look at what 2019 looks like for global markets and your super. They discuss everything from the US-China trade war, Italy and the Eurozone, Brexit and, of course, financial events at home.

Let’s redefine what age means in retirement

  • 4

Why do people say “act your age” when it comes to how we should behave? More importantly, when did living life on your terms, regardless of your birthdate, become a topic of scrutiny?

The value of advice in retirement - part 2

  • 12

Our experts look at research that examines the material impact good financial advice can have on a case study of a single female nurse wanting to cut back on her working hours as she eases into retirement.

Is living longer all in your head?

  • 2

A positive attitude to retirement is more strongly linked to living longer than function health, marital and social status or race, according to literally life-changing US research. Amazing right?

What about women's super?

  • 13

To celebrate International Women's Day, Anne is joined by Joshua van Gestel, Sunsuper's National Education Manager, to discuss wealth equality and closing the super gap as you head into your retirement.

How I got my ex-(super) back & on track

  • 3

So, you've changed jobs and possibly left a few super funds behind. And as much as you've ignored them, they've ignored you too. In fact, that money is dead to you, unless you're willing to make the first move.

Thinking of starting an SMSF?

  • 18

In this episode, Sunsuper's Dream Team is joined by Joshua van Gestel, Sunsuper's National Education Manager to help you get wise on self-managed super fund and if one could be right for you.

Top 10 ways to make money from home

  • 4

Retirement doesn’t mean you have to stop working. In fact, if you’ve got a skill or hobby, why not use it? It might even make you some money which can support you to live the retirement of your dreams.

Seven investment rules to live by

  • 13

The Dream Team return. Join us as Chief Economist Brian Parker and Head of Advice and Retirement Anne Fuchs deliver Brian's seven top investment tips to live by to help you achieve your retirement dreams.

Could this be the secret to living longer?

  • 4

Why will some live to average life expectancy, while others can look forward to knocking up a century? National Geographic Fellow Dan Buettner might have found the answers in the world’s Blue Zones.

Using your super when you retire

  • 13

Our experts catch up and discuss why it's never too early to start planning for your future, and explain when and how you can most tax-effectively access your super pot when you retire.

Politics, financial markets and your super

  • 15

From our new PM and a potential property crash, to the antics of President Trump and Brexit, our experts look at what it all may mean for investment markets, your super and your dreams in retirement.

Socially responsible investing

  • 12

In this episode, our team are joined by Stuart Wilson, our Manager for Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Investments to talk about socially responsible investing and Sunsuper's approach.

The world economic wrap

  • 16

Our financial experts look at economic growth since the GFC, how current geo-political and other events are shaping the world economy, and what it all might mean for your super investments.

Understand your investment options

  • 13

Our experts explain Sunsuper's investment options, including diversified and single asset class, and active versus passive options, and what you should consider for the right investment strategy for you.

Listed vs unlisted assets

  • 11

For our first-ever episode, Sunsuper's Dream Team breaks down the difference between listed and unlisted assets and why Sunsuper members should be interested when they take off from Brisbane Airport.