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Authority to access client information FAQs

What is the best way to send your authority request to Sunsuper?

The fastest way for Sunsuper to process an Authority to access client information is by uploading it through Adviser Online.

When you upload your authority through Adviser Online, it is processed with priority. If you do not currently have access to Adviser Online, you can register here.

What authority to access information forms does Sunsuper accept?

Sunsuper will accept either the Sunsuper Authority to access information form or the authority form that your practice or AFS Licensee uses. Either of these forms can be submitted via Adviser Online under Start transaction > Authority to access information.

What happens to my authorities if I change AFS Licensee?

If you change AFS Licensees, your Sunsuper authorities will expire automatically. In some circumstances, Sunsuper can reinstate your authorities. For further information, please refer to our Client Transfers page.

How long is an authority valid?

If you are a registered adviser, your authority has no time constraints and will only be cancelled if revoked by your client (our member).

How do I revoke an existing authority?

To revoke an authority please contact us online or by calling 13 11 84 (select option ‘4’ for I am an adviser).

How can my client authorise an Authority to access information form?

Sunsuper accepts wet signatures on all forms. For further information on what we require when using digital signatures, please login to Adviser Online.

What information needs to be included if you use your own version of an authority form?

Please ensure the request includes your client’s full name, date of birth and current address.

If you are using your own authority form, please ensure the request also lists who the servicing adviser for the client is.

Do I need to send a copy of my client’s identification for Sunsuper to process the authority?

Yes please.

What if I need to renew an authority?

To renew a third party authority on your client’s Sunsuper account, please submit a newly signed Authority to access information form via Adviser Online > Start transaction > Authority to access information.



If you have further questions on authority to access client information that are not answered by the above FAQ's, please contact us at