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Manage your super

It’s your retirement, but nobody expects you to get there alone. Here you can find how-tos, hints, tips, expert advice and tools to help get you closer to your dreams.


Mastermind your investment

Smart moves with how you invest your superannuation today can help you achieve your retirement dreams tomorrow. Find out how to get wise on investing through super so you can make the smart moves.


Value of Advice

Feeling relaxed and confident about your financial future is a key to happiness. And most people who receive finance advice agree it gives them more confidence, control and peace of mind when it comes to their finances and finance future. So why put it off?


Introducing the Sunsuper app

The new Sunsuper app for members has arrived and it’s packed with features to help you achieve your retirement dreams.


How I got my ex-(super) back & on track

You've changed jobs a few times and possibly left a trail of super funds behind you. Here's how to make the first move to get in touch with your ex-super.


Get financially fit with the Guru of Super

Become financially fit with these exercises geared toward budgeting and harnessing your superannuation. As the Guru of Super says, "Breathe in-come. Breathe out-come".


Are we born super-dextrous?

Becoming au fait with the basics of super can unlock the door to doing more in your retirement. To achieve this, we've compiled a short lesson to help hone your super-dexterity.


Super Equality

When it comes to super, women usually come off second best. Their average super balance at retirement is around half that of men’s. Isn’t it time we got the balance right?


Building your dream

Creating your dream retirement is a lot like building your dream house. You’ve got to get the foundations right, choose the inclusions carefully, make sure everything’s designed to suit your individual needs, and then maintain it all properly. Here are some tips to help make your dream happen.


It costs what???

It's hard to imagine how much things will cost when you retire. So we tried a little experiment to see how people would react to the cost of everyday items in 2045.


Getting on top of putting things off

Life admin. It causes most of us to say “La La La La La” – usually with our fingers firmly buried in our ear canals. Whether it has to do with work, or something as important as your sorting out your super, we always seem to set aside the seemingly irksome for the very last minute. The good news is there are easy ways to overcome this incredible desire to procrastinate, which are all explained in the helpful video below.


Have we become a procrasti-nation?

No, not at all. The headline above is merely a ploy to pique your interest and entice you to read this article and, if you’re still reading, a ploy that has been a complete success.


Introducing the procrasti-nah-tor

As we continue our mission to help diminish procrastination in the lives of people everywhere, we’ve taken the fight to what is arguably our greatest source of distraction – the Internet.

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