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Welcome to the Dream Project

At Sunsuper, we see retirement as a new and exciting chapter in your life. That’s why we’ve created the Dream Project, bringing you an ever-evolving world of information and inspiration to help you plan, achieve and enjoy the retirement of your dreams.

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Redefining retirement

Life after 50 can be very good, and it’s well worth celebrating! Forget about grey hair, here’s a sample of the colourful world of new experiences and adventures waiting to be enjoyed.

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Planning your retirement

A great retirement starts with great planning. Here’s where you can learn more about lining up your ducks so your financial future is as bright as it can be.

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Achieving your retirement

It’s your retirement, but nobody expects you to get there alone. Here you can find how-tos, hints, tips, expert advice and tools to help get you closer to your dreams.

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Living your dream retirement

There’s no shortage of ideas and inspiration out there on how to spend your time and money in retirement. Here we bring you the highlights to get you dreaming big or small.

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Like to retire early?

Check out our Retirement forecaster and see how long your super might last.

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