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Take Sunsuper with you

Usually, you can decide where your super goes. But, if you don't make a choice, your employer will! This may leave you with multiple funds, paying multiple sets of fees, and insurance premiums.

To have your super paid into your Sunsuper account, choose one of these simple options.

Complete a Standard Choice form

When you start your new job, your new employer will usually ask you to complete a bunch of paperwork to provide your bank details and that sort of thing. In most cases, your employer will also give you Section A of the ATO's Superannuation (super) standard choice form. You can use this form to let your employer know you'd like them to pay your super into your Sunsuper account.

Below are some of the details you will need to complete the form:

Download the Selecting Sunsuper form

If your employer doesn't give you a standard choice form, you can download and complete the Selecting Sunsuper form [PDF 143KB] instead. Both forms serve the same purpose - to let your employer know where you'd like your super paid.

A 'Letter of Compliance’ or ‘Complying Fund Statement’

Some employers may ask for a ‘Letter of Compliance’ or ‘Complying Fund Statement’. If this is the case, you can download the Sunsuper letter of compliance here [145KB].

As always, help is at hand if you need it. Just call 13 11 84.