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Promoting financial wellness through uncertain times

Our financial wellbeing program has provided vital support to members throughout the COVID period. Find out more about how we’ve helped employees navigate this uncertain time.

To assist employers in promoting financial wellness to their employees during the COVID period, we rolled out a comprehensive financial wellbeing program.

Initially, we focused on providing information on:

  • where members could seek immediate financial support from government and non-government organisations;
  • how members could take advantage of the government’s early access to super measures, and the potential short-term and long-term implications for their financial health; and
  • the importance of financial protection through insurance.

As we have seen the crisis continue, we’ve addressed:

  • the short-term volatility versus the long-term performance of super (while better engaging participants in how their super is invested);
  • opportunities for government assistance in superannuation (co-contributions etc.); and 
  • considerations for retirement (retiring early, deferring retirement, age pension considerations etc.)

Requests for support from employers conducting redundancies have increased, including with older employee cohorts who are perhaps concerned about their retirement plans.

What we’ve delivered so far

Since 1 July 2020, we’ve delivered 32 unique financial wellbeing webinars to the employees of our key serviced employers – to an audience of approximately 1,500 participants.

Simultaneously, we’ve delivered an additional 55 webinars to over 4,600 key employer members on other topics, including where they have selected (and are transitioning to) Sunsuper.

This number, coupled with more than 70% of registered participants attending events – which is significantly above what we have historically seen in face-to-face events - shows the level of interest from employees (as well as their employers) in financial education and their super more broadly.

Total number of webinars   114

 5 (webinar - public events)

109 (webinar - key employer events)

Number of members who attended webinar in the selected period  12,657

 4,901 (webinar - public)*

7,756 (webinar - workplace)*

*Live attendees only - excludes views of webinar recordings

Video views

Video recordings of our webinars attracted over 9,500 additional views, taking total engagement to over 22,000 interactions.