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Helping members find and consolidate their super

SuperMatch is an online service provided by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) that gives superannuation funds the ability to search for, and consolidate, active and lost super funds on behalf of their members.

In May 2020, the ATO temporarily disconnected the SuperMatch service across the industry due to identity fraud concerns. This meant that it was no longer possible for Sunsuper or any other fund, to search for superannuation funds on behalf of members.

Following consultation with industry representatives, the ATO have imposed additional controls on superannuation funds to ensure appropriate use of SuperMatch. These controls include:

  • New eligibility and Proof of Identity (POI) rules to be applied before a search and consolidation of funds can be completed-either directly by members or by the fund on behalf of their members.
  • The ATO also requires members to be identified between two main groups with different sets of controls applying for each – members that joined Sunsuper prior to 1 March 2020 (Cohort 1) and members who joined after 1 March 2020 (Cohort 2).
  • Members are now required to log into Member Online or the Sunsuper app in order to search for lost super and consolidate.

After working closely with the ATO, we relaunched our SuperMatch tool in March 2021, providing members with a simple five-step process to find and combine their super. Find out more.