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Welcome to data feeds with Sunsuper

Sunsuper has officially launched its adviser data feeds service, making the process for advisers to access up-to-date and accurate superannuation information in their clients’ portfolios, directly from within Iress’ Xplan software, simple and easy.

We understand the value of advice and the role external advisers play in helping achieve best member outcomes, which is why we invested in this technology to support greater end-to-end efficiencies.

What our advisers are saying

“Sunsuper’s adviser data feeds really are “a gamechanger”. Particularly at review time, it really cuts out a whole section out of our process as a result of having data feeds. It makes my team work far more productively and that’s important. We now have some really up-to-date information that we can translate into the interactive documents for our clients. I’m really pleased that, as an industry fund, Sunsuper has acknowledged the importance of it and put it into play. It means that Sunsuper is now on a level playing field with all of the retail funds” Fox Wealth Advisory principal adviser Jane Ryan.

Setting up your data feeds

During set up, advisers will need to request explicit and informed consent from their clients before data can be fully connected. You will first need to login to Adviser Online where you will find your active client list, then simply follow these steps to enable the data feed.

Why do we require the Data feed consent form to be completed by your client?

Sunsuper is responsible for how we use and share members personal information. Sunsuper must take reasonable steps to ensure the member understands how we are using and sharing their personal information and must not disclose members’ personal information to third parties except as permitted by the Australian Privacy Act.

To enable a data feed, Sunsuper must disclose personal information to your advice software provider, for end distribution to yourself. As a result, the Data feed consent form provides the member with information about where their personal information will be disclosed if they enable a data feed and obtains the member’s consent to the additional disclosures.

View our privacy policy.