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Working in retirement

Retirement is all about having options and flexibility, so we offer the same with your super. Because retirement can be about a 30 year period, not a just a definitive day when you stop working, it’s important to plan carefully to ensure your super lasts. 

Keen to stay in the workforce?

Many of our Sunsuper members are as well, so they've activated a Transition to retirement income account so they can keep all or some of their super invested and take regular payments from it. Did you know that, 60% of your investment earnings can be made after you retire?*

Switching off from the workforce isn’t easy for everyone. It’s not uncommon to have a couple of years off work and then feel the urge to return – and that’s totally fine. With a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience, there are plenty of ways to return to work after retiring. Here's just a few.


If you have experience in a specialised field, you could be in high demand as a consultant or contractor. Many recruitment agencies and head-hunters would love to have you on their books and help you win clients. You could also contact companies in your industry directly.

Part time work

Low-stress, part time work in a totally new field can be fun, rewarding and a great social opportunity. Working in a call centre, café, tutoring or working in childcare can be fun and rewarding jobs as well as a nice source of pocket money.


If it’s a sense of purpose you seek as opposed to money, why not use your retirement years to give back? There are plenty of worthy charities who help children, animals, homeless and the sick. It’s a great way to get out and meet people as well as make a real difference.

Arts, crafts and retail

Find something you love to do and make a bit of money out of it. Whether that’s arts and crafts or something entirely different, now’s the time to explore the things that make you happy.

Activate your Income account

If easing your way into retirement sounds good to you, you can activate your Transition to retirement income account quickly and easily in Member Online or complete an Income account request form

* Source: Russell Investment: The 10/30/60 Rule. January, 2015.