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Income Protection claims

An Income Protection claim is a request for a monthly benefit payment where you become temporarily unable to work due to illness or injury.

How is Income Protection defined?

Income Protection generally means that due to injury or illness you are unable to do one of the major duties of your regular occupation, which involves at least 20% of your occupational tasks. The Total Disability definition applicable to Income Protection cover will depend on the insurance policy that applies to you, as set out in your Sunsuper for life, Sunsuper for life Business or Sunsuper for life Corporate Insurance guide.

Once a claim has been accepted by the Insurer, the first monthly payment will be paid in arrears one month after the end of the Waiting Period. Subsequent payments are made monthly.

How to make an Income Protection Claim?

If you believe you may be eligible to claim an Income Protection benefit, we are here to help you throughout the claims process. There are three major steps that you need to complete in order to submit an Income Protection claim and they are explained in detail within the Sunsuper Insurance Claims guide - Income Protection.