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Advice and planning

Super can sometimes seem confusing, but we are here to help you make sense of it!

Advice options

Our qualified financial advisers can provide advice about your Sunsuper account, quickly and simply over the phone at no additional cost. If your financial needs are more complex, then a face-to-face appointment might be just what you need.

Advice for life events

Life is full of changes – new jobs, buying a home, retrenchment, starting a family and eventually retirement. Financial advice can be valuable at any point in your life. So when things change, or you reach a personal milestone, get in touch. We'll be here to help you make decisions with confidence.


Use our calculators to explore your options when it comes to planning for retirement, boosting your super and applying for the right level of insurance cover.

Talk to your financial adviser or get some advice through Sunsuper

The right financial adviser can help you navigate the road to your retirement dreams. Find out about the many ways to get advice through Sunsuper.

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Get advice on retirement options

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Expert advice included in your membership fees

We can provide you with the help and advice you need to set yourself up for retirement. Our qualified financial advisers can answer most of your super questions over the phone.