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Self-employed contribution

Sometimes saving for your retirement when you're self-employed can be tricky. But it doesn't have to be. You can contribute to your Sunsuper account when you're self-employed and also pick up a tidy tax deduction. 

You're eligible to claim a deduction if you:

  • have made a personal contribution for the current financial year,
  • are self-employed (less than 10% of your total income must have been earned as an employee),
  • are up to age 75, and;
  • lodge a notice of intention to claim a tax deduction with your fund (download the Notice of intent to claim tax deduction form from the ATO website)

Make a contribution

You can make a personal contribution on a regular or one-off basis, the following ways:

If you decide not to claim a tax deduction, depending on your total income, you may be entitled to a Government co-contribution if you make a voluntary after-tax contribution, without claiming a tax deduction.

Contribution caps

It's also worth noting that there are some caps which limit the amount you can contribute, and how much contribution you can claim. Find out more about contribution caps.