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Why Sunsuper?

Over 160,000 registered employer clients choose Sunsuper because we make paying employees’ super fast and easy. Employers know Sunsuper has their employees’ best interests at heart, providing a range of financial and other wellbeing benefits.

Choose us as your default fund

Before you offer your employee the option to choose a super fund, you'll need to have a fund to pay their super into if they can't or don't choose their own fund. This is known as a default fund.

Sunsuper makes a great choice as a default fund as we offer a range of benefits for members including:

Easy administration

Employer Online is our secure employer payment facility which takes the hassle out of making your employees’ super payments. It has an easy-to-use interface to help make the task of super payments faster and easier. You can run reports, create new Sunsuper accounts for employees, and upload one single file directly from your payroll system to make your super payments.

We'll keep you updated

Keeping on top of the latest superannuation rules and legislation can be hard. But we’ll help you and your team keep abreast of all the latest changes, and act as your personal super consultant. Stay on top of the latest industry news and legislation by reviewing our regular email communications.

Free access to the Sunsuper clearing house

For eligible employers, the Sunsuper clearing house can take the time consuming burden out of making payments to multiple super funds for employees. The clearing house allows you to make one single payment for all of your employees – whether they are Sunsuper members or not – saving your business administration time. And there is no cost to your business for this service.

Dedicated employer support

Our dedicated employer team is here to support and assist you and your business with everything super-related. We have the national reach and quality of people to provide value to you and your business. Our team can provide help on everything from administration assistance, to understanding legislation, to providing strategic input to your broader employee benefits and engagement strategies.

Switch to Sunsuper

Taking time to become a Sunsuper participating employer could save you time and your employees' money in the long term. We pride ourselves on simplifying super and streamlining the payment process. After all, you have a business to run!

Is it time to review your super partner?

Sunsuper puts your business and your people, first.

Choosing a super fund with low fees; solid, long-term investment returns, flexible insurance cover options, and member services including quality financial advice can mean all the difference.

Learn more about why Sunsuper is a smart choice for your business.

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Do your employees need financial advice?

Expert advice

At Sunsuper, we have a team of expert financial advisers that can really help shape your employees' financial future. Find out more here or get in touch.