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Kinetic Super employer FAQs


I am currently paying my employee's through Kinetic Super, what do I need to do?

Sunsuper will set you up with an employer online account. During this process we will issue you a user name and password via email. Where we have your existing payment details you will need to verify them on your first log on and accept the terms and conditions.

We will send you emails as the transition approaches with the steps you need to take but as always, were here to help you at any time.

Will there be any difference to how I make my payments?

Once transferred, you will be using Sunsuper's employer online system to make payments. You can still make payments as often as you like, and you still get to choose how you can make your payments. If at any stage you require assistance with making payments using employer online, we can help you over the phone.

If you pay via a gateway, you'll need to update this from Kinetic Super to Sunsuper.

I have an employer account with Kinetic Super and Sunsuper, will I continue to have two accounts? Can I combine them into one?

You will only have one account with Sunsuper. Your existing Sunsuper employer number will continue to exist and your former Kinetic Super members will be added to your existing employer account.

Does Sunsuper have a Clearing House?

Yes, Sunsuper offers a clearing house to help make paying all of your employees quick and simple. Sunsuper's clearing house is available to all employers who select Sunsuper as their default superfund at no cost to your business.

Will Kinetic Super transfer all of the employee information onto the Sunsuper system so I don't have to do anything?

For the most part yes, the only thing required is to update when making payments is your employee new Sunsuper member number. We will send communications out to your Kinetic Super employees advising of their Sunsuper member number.

What payment methods does Sunsuper offer?

Sunsuper offers a number of payment methods to suit you and your business' needs. We offer Direct debit, EFT, BPay and Direct to fund.

What is Direct to fund? How is that different to Direct debit?

Direct to fund is the ability to submit your data through our clearing house and pay using EFT directly to each superfund you need to pay for that data submission. This payment method is great for employers who want to make payments quickly as the funds go directly to the other superfunds.

If you don't like the idea of having to pay multiple superfunds money and are after a more convenient method, we can set up a Direct debit. We will only debit the money from your nominated account once you've submitted the data to us. Once we debit the money, we'll do the hard work and distribute both the money and data to your other superfunds. It's important to note that when using this method you will need to allow up to 10 business days for the funds to clear from us to the other superfunds.

I currently use Kinetic Super as my default fund, can I continue to do this?

Your default will automatically transfer to Sunsuper, with Sunsuper becoming your new default fund.

What are the benefits of me choosing Sunsuper as my default?

We want to make it as easy as possible to understand and manage your super obligations as an employer. We do this by:

  • Providing an easy to use platform to make your super payments
  • Offer the ability to use our clearing house to pay other superfunds
  • Remaining compliant ourselves with SuperStream and MySuper
  • Ongoing phone and email support to help you get the job done.

What are the benefits of my staff joining Sunsuper?

  • Access is available to General and Personal Financial Advice at no additional cost
  • We conduct TFN Searches for any lost or unclaimed super
  • Member Online and Mobile App
  • We are a profit for member superfund
  • Dream rewards

Why can't employees keep the same member number?

We investigated this and found some of the Kinetic Super member numbers are in use at Sunsuper. As such, if a Kinetic Super member is new to Sunsuper, they'll be issued a new member number.


What if I don't update the member number in my payroll files to the new Sunsuper member number?

Depending on the channel used:

  • EOL will provide a warning if the member number provided is over 9 digits. It will not provide a warning if the member number is missing or less than 9 digits. This warning will occur each upload until the payroll file is updated. This will NOT prevent the contribution from being submitted.
  • If the employer is using a gateway or clearing house, the member number is not mandatory so the files will be processed with or without the correct member number.

How do I know if I'm selecting the correct fund?

Sunsuper's fund linking tool is able to be search using either the ABN or USI for the fund they want to contribute to. Employers can input this information into their payroll system or they can use our fund linking tool.

We are going to map SMSF as part of the on boarding of employers to minimise the impact as these need to be linked to an employer for our process to work. However, this will only be as successful as the accuracy of the data we are provided.

I'm getting a warning about putting in the employees gender, what do I do?

You may not have received a warning previously using the Kinetic portal as this was not a mandatory field impacting your employees insurance premiums (CommInsure have unisex based premiums).

EOL will provide a warning each time you submit data/payment without a gender. Don't worry, as this is not an error, you are able to proceed with your contribution submission.

The Superstream legislation requires gender to be populated in the message but it can be populated with Unknown. As Sunsuper uses a members gender to calculate their premiums, we request – where possible- that you advise if your employee is Male or Female.

By not providing your employees gender, it may reduce the value and features available to them –i.e. our default gender is Male, females then may be paying a higher premium until they advise us otherwise. We also use this information to tailored our communications and the messages to support your employees journey.

My employees don't know their existing fund details and my payroll provider only provides me a limited choice before they will submit to my default fund?

If your employee can't provide you with the correct choice of fund details then you, as the employer, should use your default fund.

If the payroll provider is limiting the funds you can select, Sunsuper can provide you with an easy solution to meet your choice contribution obligations and we'll work with you to uplift your experience in making super payments simple.

At Sunsuper we offer employers who choose us as their default the ability to use our Clearing House for no additional cost. Enabling you the ability to receive ongoing support should issues arise as well as the ease of paying multiple funds via one location.