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Annual member meeting

Annual member meeting


Join us at our Annual Member Meeting to hear directly from Chair Andrew Fraser, Chief Executive Officer Bern Reilly, and Chief Investment Officer Ian Patrick about the operations of your super fund in 2020-21. This is your opportunity to ask questions you may have about our strategy and performance, and what we’re doing to help you prepare for the retirement of your dreams.


Date: 18 November 2021, 5.30pm (AEST)
Location: Live online streaming.

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Watch the FY 2019-20 Annual Member Meeting recording

If you weren’t able to make the Annual Member Meeting or just want to recap on the updates, you can watch the event recording below.



Read the meeting minutes from November 2020

You can download the 2019/20 Annual Member Meeting minutes.


2019-20 Annual Member Meeting Q&As

Answers to member questions not addressed at the Annual Member Meeting in November 2020 can be found below.


Our enduring advice to members is that superannuation is the longest-term investment most of us will ever have and that market downturns are an inevitable part of investing for the long-term. However every member is different and it’s important to ensure that the Sunsuper investment option you have is right for you – for your stage of life, financial needs and goals and appetite for risk.

After such an extraordinarily difficult year, it’s perfectly understandable why you may wish to have greater protection in your investment strategy. You can move to a more conservative investment option. However, there are a few key things to remember:

While the COVID downturn in world share markets was very severe, share markets and therefore members’ investment returns have improved significantly since the end of March. And while the investment environment remains a challenging one and we cannot rule out further setbacks, it’s important to remember that every market downturn, every crisis, every recession comes to an end – bar none.

A more conservative strategy will reduce your exposure to growth assets – particularly shares - and therefore provide greater protection for your investments going forward. However more conservative investment options by their nature deliver lower long-term returns and are not likely to capture the same benefit as share markets continue to recover as less conservative options.

Finally, we’d strongly recommend speaking to one of our financial advisers before making a change to your investments. Please feel free to call us on 13 11 84.

The 10-year real return objectives for investment options are long-term in nature and while they are subject to ongoing review and monitoring, they are not adjusted either frequently or lightly. We have not changed those objectives in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While interest rates are extraordinarily low, and we have no way of reliably forecasting short-term returns, we do expect both Australian and global shares to deliver returns well in excess of cash and fixed income investments over the long-term. We are also continuing to find investment opportunities in our key alternative asset classes – property, infrastructure and private debt and equity – that are more than capable of achieving the long-term return objectives we have indicated to members.

A market correction will come at some point as corrections and financial downturns are inevitable and all members will likely experience many such events during their investment lifetime. We also know that every downturn comes to an end, and over time, the economy, businesses and financial markets move on. However, our members will have widely differing investment timelines to cope with such downturns. Someone close to, or in retirement will likely need a more conservative portfolio so that any impacts from a market downturn can be reduced. In contrast, someone much younger may well be able to accept higher risk and have time to benefit from an eventual market recovery. We believe that selecting an investment strategy that suits your circumstances is a more reliable way to invest than attempting to predict the timing and duration of shorter-term market movements. Please let us know if you would like one of our financial advisers to call you to discuss your investment choice.

Some of our alternative strategies managers can from time to time have positions in these metals, and our Australian and global shares portfolios will inevitably have some exposure to gold and other precious metal mining companies. However, we do not have any strategic asset allocation to gold or precious metals and have no particular views on the short-term outlook for gold and precious metals. Gold has performed very strongly over recent years. It has been a sought after ‘safe haven’ asset but as an asset that pays no income, it has also benefitted from the extraordinary decline in interest rates which have reduced the opportunity cost of holding gold. As a superannuation fund we overwhelmingly invest in assets that generate income streams – interest, dividends, rents etc.. – that we can accrue and reinvest on members’ behalf in order to grow their retirement balances over time.

Sunsuper supports the currently legislated position to increase the Superannuation Guarantee rate from 10% to 12% by 1 July 2025.

The due diligence phase for the merger exploration with QSuper continues, with a merger only taking place if it is in the best interest of our members. Members are able to switch funds at any time and a switch out of Sunsuper or the merged fund will not incur an exit fee.


Watch the Are you retirement ready webcast recording

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Watch the FY 2019-20 Annual Member Meeting recording

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