Why choose Sunsuper?

Quick question…Just how sorted is your super? Not sure? Big claim – but the next couple of minutes could make a huge difference to your life. At Sunsuper we want to inspire you and help you to achieve your retirement dreams.

How super works

We know how busy life gets. But just a little extra effort on your super today could make a big difference to how you live when you retire.

How much super is enough?

So what do you dream of doing when you stop working and retire? As well as deciding on the things you’d like to do, you also need to work out how long your savings need to last. The good news is at Sunsuper we’re here to help you plan ahead and make sure you have the savings you need to live your dreams in retirement whatever they might be.

How to save tax with super

Ever feel like you keep putting in … and putting in … and don’t get much back? We all know life can be like that sometimes but did you know there’s an investment you can make that could give you a payback today and tomorrow?

How to get your super together

A lot of the time, more is better… If you’ve ever lived at more than one address or ever changed jobs, there’s a chance you might have more than one super account. But when it comes to your super, more accounts might not be better.

How to choose your super investments

Life can be expensive, so getting your money to work a little bit harder for you can’t be a bad thing, right Just like you can choose to invest your money in things like shares, property or cash, you can also choose how you invest your super.

How to access your super

Getting ready to give up work and enjoy retirement? Then you might be thinking about accessing your super through an income account, often called a super pension.

How to transition to retirement

Worked your whole life, feeling tired of the 9–5 and wishing there was a way you could ease into retirement? Well there could be a way. By using the transition to retirement strategy with the help of Sunsuper, you may be able to live your retirement dreams sooner than you think.

Welcome to Sunsuper

Quick question…Just how sorted is your super? Not sure? Big claim – but the next couple of minutes could make a huge difference to your life. Now you’ve joined Sunsuper, watch this video to find out how super works.

Insurance through Sunsuper

Did you know Sunsuper offers three types of insurance through your Sunsuper for Life superannuation account?

Welcome to your financial future

We'd like to welcome you to Sunsuper! Whether you are years away from retiring, or are counting down the days this video is for you. It’s got all you need to know to get started with your super at Sunsuper, to achieve the dreams you have for the future.

Create your financial future

Watch Sunsuper's National Education Manager, Joshua van Gestel, introduce a few key ways to help you create your financial future through your super.