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Are you so focused on your customers wants and needs that you have forgotten about your employees?

71% of Aussie employees said that they’re not regularly rewarded and recongised for their performance. Simone Blumberg, Sunsuper Organisational Capability & Culture Manager, explores the impact this could have on businesses. 

Published on June 1, 2016

A high performing organisation knows that employees are integral to its success. So it came as a surprise to learn from our 2016 Australian Employee Insights Report that 71% of Australian employees in fact felt they weren’t regularly recognised and rewarded for their performance.

It made me wonder, have Australian employers lost sight of the connection between employees and performance, forgotten who their biggest brand advocates are and dropped the ball on recognition?

Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson has often spoken about the importance of putting staff first and customers second;

Our own CEO, Scott Hartley, recognises that to achieve our purpose and remain a high performing organisation we cannot rely on strategy alone;

So why do 71% of Australian employees feel that they aren’t recognised or rewarded? Why are Australian businesses dropping the ball on employee recognition and reward? Often budgets can be the issue. But if that is the case, our report revealed that most Australian employees just want to be acknowledged for their work and commitment.

At Sunsuper we have a number of ways in which we reward and recognise our people. One of these is Sunsuper SHINES, our formal Reward & Recognition Program. Established in 2010, Sunsuper SHINES is recognised as being THE WAY people are acknowledged and rewarded at Sunsuper. It highlights and celebrates the exceptional ways in which our people bring our values to life and display high performance behaviours all while fulfilling their roles and ultimately contributing to our success.

With 32% of employees seeking acknowledgement for their commitment to work, Australian businesses cannot afford to take their internal reward and recognition programs lightly. Ensuring you have the strategies and programs in place to make your staff feel valued is integral to success for any organisation.

It’s time to change the perception that a cash bonus is the only way to reward and that employees are second to your customers when they are actually one in the same!

Read the Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI)’s tips on both performance appraisals and reward programs in this year’s Employee Insights Report, head to

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