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When it comes to super, women usually come off second best. Their average super balance at retirement is around half that of men’s1. Isn’t it time we got the balance right?



Why women get left behind. It’s not just about lower pay. Women’s super often gets left behind for the very best of reasons.


Six ways to help achieve it.

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The super facts of life

The shortfall in women’s super is real. In fact, when the average woman retires, she will have around 42% less in her super account than the average male1. But that’s not all. We recently surveyed more than 1,000 Australians2.

Find out what they said

1. ASFA, Superannuation balances by age and gender, October 2017.
2. YouGov Galaxy research of 1,000 Australian workers on behalf of Sunsuper, 2018.

Super gender divide

The Great Super Divide

Is your super falling short? Find out how your super balance compares with the average male of your age. Enter your age and super balance here to find out.

1. ASFA, Ross Clare (March 2014) An update on the level and distribution of retirement savings.

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