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Redefining retirement

Life after 50 can be very good, and it’s well worth celebrating! Forget about grey hair, here’s a sample of the colourful world of new experiences and adventures waiting to be enjoyed.

Is living longer all in your head?

A positive attitude to retirement is more strongly linked to living longer than functional health, marital and social status or race, according to literally life-changing US research. Amazing right? And this study is just the beginning of the evidence showing positivity can lead to longevity.

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Act your age with Sunsuper

Act your age with Sunsuper

Let’s redefine what age means in retirement.

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Feel like rock royalty

Feel like rock royalty

Win an experience like no other at a day on the green and show that age has nothing to do with being awesome.  Entries Closed

Redefining retirement, one smile at a time

At 82, Lynn Ruth Miller is the world’s oldest working stand-up comedienne and she believes that attitude is everything. Retirement is what you want it to be and you should never stop dreaming.

Show transcript

[Intro music]

[Lynn stands in front of Luna Park, Melbourne]

Voice over: At 83 years young, Lynn is the world’s oldest female stand-up comic. While in Australia, performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Lynn took some time out to talk to Sunsuper about how she’s redefining retirement, her own unique way.

Lynn: I started doing comedy when I was 71 because; I didn’t want to peak too soon! I took a class and I was not that funny. But because I had more life experience compared to everyone else I was marvellous!

[Lynn standing on a stage in front of a crowd]

Lynn: Attitude is everything right! Yeah I got my attitude from my mother… which is why I’ve been in therapy for 75 years!

[Laughing from the crowd]

Lynn: I had two failed marriages; both husbands are still alive, I know it’s a shame!

[Laughing and cheers from the crowd]

Lynn: The nice thing about dating at my age is you don’t have to worry about meeting the parents!

[Lynn sitting on a park bench]

Lynn: I’ve done a million things. I was a school teacher. I was a grade school teacher for seven-year-olds, I was a professor. I was a telephone madam; I sold sex on the telephone. Didn’t know I was selling sex, I thought I was fixing people up. I was a feature writer. I was a reviewer. I had a TV program for, oh almost something like 15 years. When I started the stand-up comedy thing, it was a joke. And then pretty soon I started realising, oh my god… you'e a professional stand-up comedian! Who knew, who knew!

[Lynn plays a game at Luna Park]

Lynn: If you love what you’re doing why stop? Until you can’t do it anymore, until you’re not as efficient as you should be. And the trick is recognising that.

[Lynn walking through Luna Park]

Lynn: Life is like a card game, and you take the hand you get and you play it. Maybe you have arthritis; maybe your mind isn’t as quick. Maybe you look in the mirror… I look in the mirror, I see my mother, I want to kill myself. I look in the mirror UGH!

[Lynn standing in front of a novelty magic mirror]

Lynn: Nobody that’s watching this feels old. Until I either look in the mirror or get onto a tram. When I get on the tram, people stand up as if in unison. You know… Oh my god she’s gonna die! Then I know, yep I’m old! Otherwise you don’t feel it. You never feel your age.

[Lynne sitting on a park bench]

Lynn: My dream right now is to tour the world and show people that I’m still an item and they can be too!

[Lynne goes for a ride on a unicorn in the merry-go-round]

Lynn: My bucket list is huge. I want to go throughout the continent… I want to go throughout the world and I want to make people laugh. And I want to show people that life is like this.

[Lynn sits on a park bench and stretches her arms out wide]

Lynn: That as you get older, it doesn’t go like this.

[Lynn makes a small lane with her hands]

Lynn: It goes like this.

[Lynn stretches her hands out wide again]

Lynn: I’m not here to tell people what to dream. I’m here to open the door so that they can find their own dream.

<Super> Open the door to finding your dream in retirement with a Sunsuper Income account. Find out more at or call us on 13 11 84.

[Lynn stands on stage in front of audience and bows]

Lynn: And that’s the show!

[Cheering and clapping from audience]

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Acting the age you feel, not the age you are

Retirement can and should be a wonderful new phase in life, a time to take that hard-earned reward and fulfil long-term dreams. Or is it an opportunity to finally take it easy and relax?

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Your retirement dream doesn't happen by chance

You need a plan to help discover your retirement dream. Sunsuper’s SunTracker program is here to help.

Who runs the world?

Seniorpreneurs. That is senior entrepreneurs. Bursting with experience, this group of business moguls are breaking stereotypes and are now Australia’s fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs. Find out more about this interesting group.

Australia’s next wave of startups could be from the over-55s

What's your dream?

Has technology filled the spaces in our lives when we used to think and ponder? Can we reawaken our dreams? We took to the streets to find out.

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Show transcript

[Intro music]

Voice over: In a world that’s become so good at doing our thinking for us, have we forgotten how to dream? We took to the streets to find out.

[A busy street mall scene, the camera zeros in on street signs and outdoor advertisements that tell people what to do]

>Super> What’s your dream?

[A succession of vox pops of patrons in the street mall follows]

FEMALE One: Oh, that’s a tough one.

MALE One: [laughs] I have no idea.

FEMALE Two: Oh jeez, I don’t know.

FEMALE Three: Something to do with wildlife.

MALE Two: [Long sigh] Like really?

FEMALE Four: No idea.

FEMALE Five: It’s not something I can answer on the spot.

MALE Three: I don’t know actually. Nah, I don’t know sorry.

>Super> If you could be paid to do anything you want, what would you do?

Voice over: Okay, so if you could be paid to do anything you want, what would you do?

[A succession of vox pops of patrons in the street mall follows]

FEMALE Six: I want to travel the world.

FEMALE Seven: Be an actress.

MALE Four: Formula One racing car driver.

MALE Five: I would love to jump in a Winnebago.

FEMALE Five: Rent a big yacht and sail around the world.

MALE Six: Little plot of land.

MALE One: Open my own cafe.

FEMALE Four: Get a fridge for my new apartment. [laughs]

MALE Two: Um, get some music published.

FEMALE One: I want to be the next Meryl Streep one day, the Australian version.

MALE Three: Test drive high end cars. It’s a boys dream, but it’s an awesome job.

>Super> Being paid to live your dreams. Isn’t that what superannuation is all about?

Voice over: Being paid to live your dreams. Isn’t that what superannuation is all about?

FEMALE Three: No, I never thought of it like that.

FEMALE One: No, I didn’t actually.

MALE Three: Kind of, yeah.

FEMALE Four: Bit of a different way of thinking about it that most people wouldn’t think of but it’s true.

FEMALE Two: Yeah, yeah that makes sense.

MALE Seven: If it is, sign me up.

MALE One: Yeah, I guess so yeah.

FEMALE Eight: Oh I didn’t actually think of it that way, but it would be lovely to think that might actually be the case. Yeah.

>Super> Isn’t it time we redefine retirement?

Voice over: Isn’t it time we redefined retirement?

>Super> Join us at the dream project #theRword

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What's your dream age?

Growing older might be inevitable, but growing up is optional – which explains why some people are old and boring at 25, and others continue to think they’re 25, even when they’re 70! So what’s your dream age? The age you feel on the inside? Take this quiz and find out.

Your dream age is 36

Young, carefree, always up with the latest trends and technology and fun to be around.

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What's the oldest profession?

Probably not what you think! According to Australian Government research, caretaking and mixed farming have the oldest median age of 54 years. But they are just two of many occupations where the median age of workers is above the national average of 40 years. Here’s a list of occupations in Australia with an older than average workforce.

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What's it like to be 60?

We’re living more than 25 years longer than our great grandparents – that’s an entire second adult lifetime! Yet we’re still living with the old stereotype of age.

We asked young people what they think it would be like to be 60, just to show how outdated our perceptions of retirement really are.

Show transcript

[Intro music]

<Super> How will you feel when you’re 60?

[Video opens on a busy city mall street scene. A succession of vox pops of patrons follows]

Young woman in stripe t-shirt: Oh, God! That’s ages away um, maybe old?

Young woman wearing sunglasses: Worn around the edges.

Young woman in black cardigan: Relieved. [laughs]

Young man in business shirt: That’s a big question. Probably pretty tired I would say.

Young woman in black jumper: How will I feel? Sore.

Young man wearing cap: Probably fairly weathered and average I am guessing. [laughs]

Young woman in red t-shirt: Good I hope and that I have achieved a lot in life. I don’t know.

<Super> What will you be wearing?

Young man in glasses: I don’t know something that’s comfortable. Yeah I don’t know I haven’t really thought that far ahead I guess.

[Image is shown with a man in his 60’s wearing motor-racing suit next to his motorcycle]

Young woman in stripe t-shirt: I don’t know, 60 - that’s still so far away. Stretchy pants, probably something floral? An apron! [laughs]

[Image is shown of fashionable women in their 60’s at the beach]

Young man in business shirt: Bath robe, sitting down with no jocks hopefully. [laughs]

[Image is shown of man in his 60’s wearing board shorts and life jacket water skiing]

Young woman in black cardigan: Wearing? Grandma clothes?

[Image is shown of couple in their 60’s wearing formal dress, suit and tie]

Young man wearing cap: Old man clothes, probably won’t be making any fashion statements when I am 60 I don’t think.

[Image is shown of man in his 60’s on a boat wearing scuba gear]

<Super> What would you do for fun?

Young woman in blue t-shirt: Sewing, crocheting, that kind of thing, gardening?

[Image is shown of couple in their 60’s heading down to the water with surfboards in hand]

Young woman in red t-shirt: Boring stuff, like reading and sleeping. I don’t know.

[Image is shown of couple in their 60’s white-river rafting]

Young man in green jumper: No idea hey. I don’t know, running around with the grandkids. Mucking around? I don’t know, never thought about it hey.

[Image is shown of couple in their 60’s sailing]

Young woman wearing sunglasses: Golf, knitting or something like that. Well that’s what old people do. Drinking tea?

[Image is shown of woman in her 60’s rock climbing]

Young woman wearing sunglasses: Pokies? Bingo?

[Image is shown of woman in her 60’s rock climbing and another older woman graduating university]

Young man in slogan t-shirt: Probably relaxing stuff, crosswords and fishing. I don’t know, nothing too out there.

[Image is shown of men in their 60’s riding high performance bikes]

Young woman in purple t-shirt: When I actually think about it, my parents are actually not far off being 60 and I don’t think they feel that they’re old. I don’t think they put themselves in the category of old. You know, they live life to the full, so yeah I hope I feel that way as well when I am 60.

<Super> Isn’t it time we refined retirement? Join us at the Dream Project #theRword

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