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Mastermind your investment

Smart moves with how you invest your superannuation today can help you achieve your retirement dreams tomorrow. Read on for help to get wise on investing through super so you can make the smart moves.

Become a Brianiac

Sunsuper’s Chief Economist Brian Parker is unique in his field. With an enviable 25 years in the industry, Brian makes it his duty to process and assess page-one financial goings on with markets in order to get the best possible results for Sunsuper’s 1.4 million members. It’s knowledge worth tapping into. So, on behalf of Brian and Sunsuper, we invite you to do just that and mastermind your investment and your future in retirement.







Brian says


Plural noun - Brianiacs

A person of exceptional intelligence on matters of their superannuation and investing through super. Most often under the guidance of Sunsuper’s Chief Economist Brian Parker.

From basic terms to Brianiac status

Brush up on our glossary of basic terms and asset classes before taking our investor needs quiz.

Master the basic terms

We’ve created a glossary of terms to help you mastermind your investment.

A short masterclass on asset class

When it comes to investing, diversification is critical. It’s why we invest across both listed and unlisted assets.

Test your inner investor

Find out what sort of investor you are and which of Sunsuper’s investment options may suit you.

Super smart tips

We’ve selected our best tips to help you get wise on investing through super. Click below for our time-saving, helpful and insightful tiles of wisdom.

Time changes everything
The New School of Super

Join Sunsuper’s Dream Team Chief Economist Brian Parker and Head of Advice and Retirement Anne Fuchs in our podcast series as they discuss money matters, your super and the things that could affect your financial dreams now, and in the future.

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