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Top 10 ways to make money from home

Retirement doesn’t mean you have to stop working. In fact, if you’ve got a skill or hobby, why not use it? It might even make some money.

writing on a notepad

Freelance writer

Fancy yourself as the next Jane Austen? Why not sell your words? With the size and scale of the internet and the growth of content, writers are in high demand, especially those with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

house and pool


If you have a spare room and are happy to invite people into your home, why not list your home on Airbnb so travellers can take advantage of your hospitality.

man fishing

Super not growing fast enough?

You could be losing more in fees than you think! See if you're paying too much with our Super-savings fee calculator.


Fruit & veg

Have space in your yard and a green thumb? Growing your own produce and selling it at local farmers' markets can be fun and profitable.

woman making alterations

Art & craft

If you’ve got a knack for making things why not try to sell them? Whether it be clothing, candles or art, try selling your creations online or at a local market.

sewing machine


Always been handy with a sewing machine? Offer mending and sewing alterations from the comfort of your own home.

Like to retire early?

Like to retire early? Check out our Retirement forecaster and see how long your super might last.

person using a calculator


If you’ve got some particular or unique knowledge or skill, others may want to hire you as a freelance consultant on a job-by-job basis.

two people at a piano

Music teaching

Know how to sing or play an instrument? Giving lessons is a great way to do something you love and earn money from home.

two people studying at a desk


Good at maths or English? Why not offer your services as a tutor to children?

man sitting on a jetty with a laptop

Combine your super.

Consider rolling your other super into your Sunsuper account to avoid multiple fees and reduce paperwork. Our new Rollover tool makes this easy.

woman sitting on a couch using tablet device


Did you know you can sign up to market research groups and be paid for your opinions through online surveys?

woman holding a baby


Love kids? Why not earn some extra cash looking after other people’s children?

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