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Enjoy your retirement

There’s no shortage of ideas and inspiration out there on how to spend your time and money in retirement. Here we bring you the highlights to get you dreaming big or small.

Is living longer all in your head?

A positive attitude to retirement is more strongly linked to living longer than function health, marital and social status or race, according to literally life-changing US research. Amazing right? And this study is just the beginning of the evidence showing positively can lead to longevity.

Acting the age you feel, not the age you are

Retirement can and should be a wonderful new phase in life, a time to take that hard-earned reward and fulfill long-term goals. Or is it an opportunity to finally take it easy and relax?

Could this be the secret to living longer?

Why will some of us only live to average life expectancy, while others can look forward to knocking up a century? National Geographic Fellow Dan Buettner might just have found the answers in the world’s Blue Zones.

Act your age

Why do people say “act your age” when it comes to how we should behave? More importantly, when did living life on your terms, regardless of your birthdate, become a topic of scrutiny?

At Sunsuper, we believe that if something makes you happy, then you should do it, and do it often.

Redefining retirement, one smile at a time

At 82, Lynn Ruth Miller is the world’s oldest working stand-up comedienne and she believes that attitude is everything. Retirement is what you want it to be and you should never stop dreaming.

Looking to volunteer?

There’s a whole world of worthy charities and causes looking for people like you. People with big hearts who want to lend a hand and make a difference. Need some inspiration?

Top 10 places in the world to retire

Health, wealth and happiness. It’s the recipe for the perfect retirement, but where do you find it? To give you some food for thought and inspiration, here’s a latest list of the 10 best places to retire in the world in 2019.

Inventions that could transform your retirement

Like to own a robot that does your housework? Or a bathroom mirror that monitors your health? There’s a brave new world of technological developments like these that are set to transform our retirement in so many ways.

10 wonders of the world you never dreamt existed!

Why travel to the same old tourist traps when some of the world’s most amazing and best-kept secrets are off the beaten track, just waiting for you to discover?

The New School of Super

Join Sunsuper’s Dream Team Chief Economist Brian Parker and Head of Advice and Retirement Anne Fuchs in our podcast series as they discuss money matters, your super and the things that could affect your financial dreams now, and in the future.

What song will be your retirement anthem?

We asked people and heard responses that were funny, creative and heartfelt, plus a few we didn't see coming!

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