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Enjoy your retirement

There’s no shortage of ideas and inspiration out there on how to spend your time and money in retirement. Here we bring you the highlights to get you dreaming big or small.


Is living longer all in your head?

A positive attitude to retirement is more strongly linked to living longer than function health, marital and social status or race, according to literally life-changing US research. Amazing right? And this study is just the beginning of the evidence showing positively can lead to longevity.


Acting the age you feel, not the age you are

Retirement can and should be a wonderful new phase in life, a time to take that hard-earned reward and fulfill long-term goals. Or is it an opportunity to finally take it easy and relax?


Could this be the secret to living longer?

Why will some of us only live to average life expectancy, while others can look forward to knocking up a century? National Geographic Fellow Dan Buettner might just have found the answers in the world’s Blue Zones.


Act your age

Why do people say “act your age” when it comes to how we should behave? More importantly, when did living life on your terms, regardless of your birthdate, become a topic of scrutiny?

At Sunsuper, we believe that if something makes you happy, then you should do it, and do it often.

[Soft intro music]

Knowing me, knowing you. We all know our own retirement dreams. But how well do we know the dreams of the people closest to us?

[Real Sunsuper members Esther and Marian take a seat on a big red couch]

Esther and Marian, friends for 20 years.

[In front of Esther and Marian is a large screen TV]

What does Marian dream of doing in retirement?

[The TV plays a pre-recoded video of Esther answering]

>> Esther: Baking, cooking - she loves to do it for friends and family.

[The video plays on revealing Marianís answer]

>> Marian: An Iron Man, in an exotic location.

>> F2: Relaxing, just relaxing out near the beach with friends. Maybe with a glass of pina-colada on the side [laughs].

[Sitting on the couch Esther looks at Marian and laughs]

>> Esther: One day a week we can arrange it, I can start making them.

What age does Marian want to retire?

[The video plays with Esther answering]

>> Esther: I would think Miriam would hope to retire by 60, the same as me.

[The video plays on revealing Marianís answer]

>> Marian: 60. 60 is good retiring age.

[Sitting on the couch Esther looks at Marian surprised]

>> Esther: How did I know that?

>> Marian: Because you know me?

>> Esther: Yeah

[Both women laugh]

Whatís the craziest thing on Estherís bucket list?

[The video plays with Marian answering]

>> Marian: Hopefully it's with me - jump off the plane.

[The video continues with Esther replying]

>> Esther: Buy a boat.

[Sitting on the couch doubled over with laughter Esther turns to Marian]

>> Esther: Where'd you get that idea?

>> Marian: Well I always wanted to try it so, yeah I thought you might like it too.

>> Esther: I'll be your support - ground crew on the ground okay?

>> Marian: Well I hope so!

Where is Estherís dream retirement destination?

[The video plays with Marian answering]

>> Marian: I would say Fiji, she always loves to go back home to the family so it's Fiji.

[The video continues with Esther replying]

>> Esther: Probably a week in Thailand, a couple of weeks in America. That would be my dream.

[Sitting on the couch Esther turns to Marian with a very serious face]

>> Esther: Anywhere but Fiji

>> Marian: Aw why?

>> Esther: We can always come back on the boat!

>> Marian: Fiji is paradise!

>> Esther: Yeah I know but we can always come back on the boat.

[Both women laugh]

Your dream can be a surprise. But your retirement shouldnít be. Try our retirement forecaster: or talk to us 13 11 84. Sunsuper logo

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[Intro music]p>


[Lynn stands in front of Luna Park, Melbourne]


>> Voice over: At 83 years young, Lynn is the worldís oldest female stand-up comic. While in Australia, performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Lynn took some time out to talk to Sunsuper about how sheís redefining retirement, her own unique way.


>> Lynn: I started doing comedy when I was 71 because; I didnít want to peak too soon! I took a class and I was not that funny. But because I had more life experience compared to everyone else I was marvellous!


[Lynn standing on a stage in front of a crowd]

>> Lynn: Attitude is everything right! Yeah I got my attitude from my motherÖ which is why Iíve been in therapy for 75 years!

[Laughing from the crowd]

>> Lynn: I had two failed marriages; both husbands are still alive, I know itís a shame!

[Laughing and cheers from the crowd]

>> Lynn: The nice thing about dating at my age is you donít have to worry about meeting the parents!

[Lynn sitting on a park bench]

>> Lynn: Iíve done a million things. I was a school teacher. I was a grade school teacher for seven-year-olds, I was a professor. I was a telephone madam; I sold sex on the telephone. Didnít know I was selling sex, I thought I was fixing people up. I was a feature writer. I was a reviewer. I had a TV program for, oh almost something like 15 years. When I started the stand-up comedy thing, it was a joke. And then pretty soon I started realising, oh my godÖ youíre a professional stand-up comedian! Who knew, who knew!

[Lynn plays a game at Luna Park]

>> Lynn: If you love what youíre doing why stop? Until you canít do it anymore, until youíre not as efficient as you should be. And the trick is recognising that.

[Lynn walking through Luna Park]

>> Lynn: Life is like a card game, and you take the hand you get and you play it. Maybe you have arthritis; maybe your mind isnít as quick. Maybe you look in the mirrorÖ I look in the mirror, I see my mother, I want to kill myself. I look in the mirror UGH!

[Lynn standing in front of a novelty magic mirror]

>> Lynn: Nobody thatís watching this feels old. Until I either look in the mirror or get onto a tram. When I get on the tram, people stand up as if in unison. You knowÖ Oh my god sheís gonna die! Then I know, yep Iím old! Otherwise you donít feel it. You never feel your age.

[Lynne sitting on a park bench]

>> Lynn: My dream right now is to tour the world and show people that Iím still an item and they can be too!

[Lynne goes for a ride on a unicorn in the merry-go-round]

>> Lynn: My bucket list is huge. I want to go throughout the continentÖ I want to go throughout the world and I want to make people laugh. And I want to show people that life is like this.

[Lynn sits on a park bench and stretches her arms out wide]

>> Lynn: That as you get older, it doesnít go like this.

[Lynn makes a small lane with her hands]

>> Lynn: It goes like this.

[Lynn stretches her hands out wide again]

>> Lynn: Iím not here to tell people what to dream. Iím here to open the door so that they can find their own dream.

Open the door to finding your dream in retirement with a Sunsuper Income account. Find out more at or call us on 13 11 84.

[Lynn stands on stage in front of audience and bows]

>> Lynn: And thatís the show!

[Cheering and clapping from audience]

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Redefining retirement, one smile at a time

At 82, Lynn Ruth Miller is the world’s oldest working stand-up comedienne and she believes that attitude is everything. Retirement is what you want it to be and you should never stop dreaming.


Looking to volunteer?

There’s a whole world of worthy charities and causes looking for people like you. People with big hearts who want to lend a hand and make a difference. Need some inspiration?


Top 10 places in the world to retire

Health, wealth and happiness. It’s the recipe for the perfect retirement, but where do you find it? To give you some food for thought and inspiration, here’s a latest list of the 10 best places to retire in the world in 2019.


Inventions that could transform your retirement

Like to own a robot that does your housework? Or a bathroom mirror that monitors your health? There’s a brave new world of technological developments like these that are set to transform our retirement in so many ways.


10 wonders of the world you never dreamt existed!

Why travel to the same old tourist traps when some of the world’s most amazing and best-kept secrets are off the beaten track, just waiting for you to discover?


The New School of Super

Join Sunsuper’s Dream Team Chief Economist Brian Parker and Head of Advice and Retirement Anne Fuchs in our podcast series as they discuss money matters, your super and the things that could affect your financial dreams now, and in the future.

[Intro music]

We all have songs that remind us of the past. But how many of us have a song that describes our future? We hit the streets asking people what song could be their retirement anthem.

[Video opens on a busy street mall]

>> Woman wearing sunglasses: My retirement anthem would be ìI Wanna Breakfreeî by Queen.

>> Man sitting with his wife: ìEndless loveî. 53 years of marriage.

>> Woman with braids: The perfect song would be ìHappyî by Pharrell.

>> Man wearing hat: The song I love is ìWhat's Going Onî because I think that sums up life for me.

>> Woman with her kids: The retirement song would be ìThat's The Way I Like Itî by Casey and the Sunshine Band.

>> Woman wearing glasses: U2 ìWith or Without Youî [laughs].

>> Man in white shirt: ìAnother Day in Paradiseî.

>> Woman wearing glasses: Because I am going to do things - with or without anyone [laughs].

>> Man wearing cap: I think that period of time would be ìWalking on Sunshineî.

>> Woman in singlet: [sings] Hallelujah!

>> Woman in striped shirt: I'm definitely looking forward to celebrating my retirement so the most appropriate song obviously would be ìCelebrateî by Casey and the Sunshine Band.

>> Main in blue shirt: Straight away I think ìStairway to Heavenî. Worked hard, got my way out of here and I'm buying a stairway to heaven.

>> Woman in black singlet: My retirement song would definitely be ìGo Your Own Wayî by Fleetwood Mac.

>> Man in cowboy hat: Something by Slim Dusty [laughs].

>> Woman in grey shirt: ìThe Show Must Go Onî by Freddie Mercury and Queen. That's me!

>> Man in white shirt: The best song for my retirement day would be ìBeautiful Dayî by U2.

>> Woman in shirt: For me it would be Destiny's Child ìIndependent Womanî.

>> Woman wearing silver hoops: Just doing what I like, when I like so ìFreedomî by George Michael.

>> Man wearing green shirt: Well I would say ìEnter Sandmanî by Metallica because who wants to go out gracefully? Should just go out raging until the end.

>> Woman wearing head-wrap: When I retire it's going to be all about ìLet's Danceî.

[Woman in head-wrap dances happily on the spot]

>> Man wearing black jumper: When I think of something I wouldn't want it to be - and that would be ìMoney's Too Tight to Mentionî.

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What song will be your retirement anthem?

We asked people and heard responses that were funny, creative and heartfelt, plus a few we didn't see coming!

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