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Building your dream

Creating your dream retirement is a lot like building your dream house. You’ve got to get the foundations right, choose the inclusions carefully, make sure everything’s designed to suit your individual needs, and then maintain it all properly. Here are some tips to help make your dream happen.


It all starts with a plan

Not just any plan, but one that’s designed especially for you. Some people want to splash out and live the high life. Others want to chill out and enjoy the simple life. So think about what a dream retirement means for you first. What will you want to do? Where will you want to live?

An easy to understand program like Sunsuper’s SunTracker program could help.

What will it cost?

Work out how much super you’ll need to achieve that dream. You don’t need a crystal ball - there are lots of tools around to help you calculate this.Here’s a comprehensive one that’s easy to use.

Find your funds

On average, every working Australian has three super accounts. If that’s you, you could be losing money in extra fees. So track all your super accounts down - fast. All you need is your tax file number.

If you’re a Sunsuper member, let us know your TFN and we’ll help you track down your other super.

Shop around

Once you know what super accounts you have, shop around for the right one for you. Look for a combination of strong returns and low costs – and make sure you keep an eye out for any hidden fees or commissions. Compare super fund performances using a comparison tool from a super funds ratings house like Chant West's AppleCheck.

Get your act together

Get your super growing by switching all your accounts into a not-for-profit fund. Check out how easy it is.

If you’re already a Sunsuper member, use the rollover tool to get all your super together in one easy step.

Choose your style

Tailor your investment choice to suit your personal investment style and stage of life. You can go for growth options when you’re younger, then move to more conservative options as you get closer to retirement. Need some help? Find your investment style.

Ask an expert

Life changes. What was right yesterday, might not suit you today. And when you choose the right super fund, expert advice is only a phone call away. So make the most of it. Talk to a financial planner and keep your dream on track.

Contact Sunsuper or call us on 13 11 84.

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