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Introducing the Sunsuper app

The new Sunsuper app for members has arrived and it’s packed with features to help you achieve your retirement dreams.

Follow these steps to download and set up the Sunsuper app


You will need to be registered for Member Online before you can access the Sunsuper app.

Not registered? Simply follow the link or call 13 11 84.

Already have Member Online access? Download the app now.



Head to the App Store or Google Play to download the Sunsuper app.

app store

google play


Simply input your member number and Member Online password to access the Sunsuper app.

Forgotten your details? That’s okay, find your member number or reset your password with our handy tools.

Enable Touch ID

Once enabled, you’ll have fingertip access to your Sunsuper account.

App features

Getting on top of super is so much easier when you can access your information at the touch of a button. It’s another way Sunsuper is helping members dream with their eyes open.

Check your super

View your super balance and transaction history to keep track of your retirement dream, 24hrs a day - 7 days a week.

Update your details

We’re here to help so keeping your address, email and phone number up-to-date will ensure that you remain connected to us and your retirement dreams.

Keep track of payments

Enable push notifications and keep track of your super. We’ll notify you when your employer makes a contribution or when an income payment is made from your Sunsuper account. Change these settings at any time to suit your needs.

Switch investments

Switch your investment options with ease and quickly preview how your investments are allocated.

Nominate preferred beneficiaries

Review and nominate your preferred beneficiaries. A preferred nomination will be used by Sunsuper as a guide only in paying your death benefit.


We know you’ll love using our app and it’s only going to get better. Be sure to explore and personalise your preferences to suit you and your lifestyle.

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[Intro music]

[It's sunrise and the video opens on a man sitting on a surfboard in the water looking out towards the horizon]

>> Voice over: Everyone manages today's money with their phone.

[Man paddles and stands on surfboard catching a wave]

>> Voice over: So we thought, why not do the same with your future money!

[Music picks up "Welcome to your life". The same man is now shown sitting on his car bonnet looking at his mobile phone]

>> Voice over: The new Sunsuper app makes it easy to check and manage your future money.

[Close up of the mans phone reveals the Sunsuper app as he explores the balance page, moves on to transactions and then his digital membership card]

>> Voice over: It's another way we help you dream with your eyes open at Sunsuper.

[The man is back in the surf enjoying life]

<Super> Sunsuper logo. Download app today.

<Disclaimer> Products issued by Sunsuper Pty Ltd (ABN 88 010 720 840 AFSL No. 228975). Consider Product Disclosure Statment before deciding. For a copy call 13 11 84.

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