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Let’s redefine what age means in retirement.

Why do people say “act your age” when it comes to how we should behave? More importantly, when did living life on your terms, regardless of your birthdate, become a topic of scrutiny?

At Sunsuper, we believe that if something makes you happy, then you should do it, and do it often.

The fact is, retirement is the perfect time to do what you love, to challenge yourself or to chase your dreams.

It’s when you have the time and, with the right financial plan in place, the confidence to back yourself.

So we say “act your age”, because if that means being able to do as you please, how could that ever be seen as a bad thing?

Get in touch to see how Sunsuper can help you to do what you want in retirement.

Call us on 13 11 84 or get in touch with an accredited external financial adviser near you.1

Act your age at a day on the green.

Win a rocking experience like no other at a day on the green starring Cyndi Lauper and Blondie. The lucky winner will enjoy flights, accommodation, car hire, sound-check access*, front row seating, garden bar upgrade, backstage tour including use of a dressing room before the show with lunch and your own rider. Plus, if you’re a Sunsuper member, you’ll also go into the exclusive draw to win a runner-up prize of a double pass to see Cyndi Lauper and Blondie.

Winner can choose from the following Cyndi Lauper and Blondie a day on the green shows – 1 April in the Hunter Valley, 2 April at Mt Cotton, 8 April in the Yarra Valley, 8 April in McLaren Vale or 12 April in Perth.
*artists may not be present at sound check

View the terms and conditions of the competition.

View the terms and conditions of the minor prize.

1Sunsuper has established a panel of accredited external financial planners for our members. Sunsuper does not receive or pay any referral fees to these planners. Each of these planners will explain to you how their advice fees are determined. The accredited external financial planners are not employed by Sunsuper, and Sunsuper is not responsible for the advice provided by these planners.

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