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[Intro music]

[Marg making tea in the kitchen]

Marg: I definitely think there is a stigma about being a retired person. I think there’s stigma around age.

[Kenn sitting at dining table]

Kenn: We hear on the news on occasion, an elderly gentleman of 60. I don’t really understand how they work that out. Because, I’m feeling pretty good.

[John sitting in living room]

John: My head says I’m 25-30. I get a shock when I look into the mirror. My mental attitude to enjoying life and having fun has never changed. My name is John English and I’m 69 years of age.

[John walks into motor-racing car garage]

John: My passion, always has been, is motor-racing. And I’ve been doing that for 46 years.

[Marg is working on a laptop]

Marg: My name is Marg O'Donnell and I’m 69. I had heard of this course at the University of Tasmania, so I thought I’d enrol in one subject. One of the things I love about certain activities is total absorption. I love being at university, I thought university was just fantastic.

[Kenn laughing with friends]

Kenn: Well since retiring I joined a band with a bunch of friends. We play regularly, just because I’ve retired doesn’t mean I need to slow down. My name’s Ken McCall, I’m 63 years of age and I was in banking for 40 years.

[Kenn stands holding his guitar in front of his band]

Kenn: Playing in the band it actually does make you feel young. If I could use that term. It’s fantastic! Especially when you are on a stage in front of an audience.

[Marg sitting in home office]

Marg: I think people should view retirement as an opportunity to have adventures, follow their passions, explore new passions, and give something back to the community.

[Kenn playing his guitar with his band]

Kenn: Super is probably one of the most important aspects of my lifestyle now. You can plan with financial advice to get the things you really want in retirement.

[Marg sitting in her living room reading a book]

Marg: It just gives me an enormous amount of comfort to have a good amount of money in my super. And it does free me up.

[John working on motor-racing car]

John: It’s not so much retirement; it’s a change in life direction. You just decide to do something else but you’ve got some savings behind you that allows you to do what you want to do. If someone told me to act my age I’d say that I am. I’m just having more fun doing it.

Marg: I think that people should do what they want to do and how they want to do it.

Kenn: I am acting my age. It’s as simple as that!

Marg: Life is so precious. I want to use every moment. I want to squeeze every bit of joy and happiness that I possibly can out of my life.

[John sitting inside motor-racing car]

John: Once I sit in my suit, put my helmet on, I’m 25 again.

[Kenn sitting in living room practicing guitar]

Kenn: My belief is if there is something you really enjoy and you want to do it, why should you stop, why should age be a barrier.

[Uplifting music]

<Super> Act Your Age.

<Super> Sunsuper, make your dreams more than dreams.

<Super> The right financial advice can help set you up for the lifestyle you want. 13 11 84.

<Disclaimer> Products issued by Sunsuper Pty Ltd (ABN 88 010 720 840 AFSL No. 228975). Consider Product Disclosure Statement before deciding. For a copy call 13 11 84.

Let’s redefine what age means in retirement.

Why do people say “act your age” when it comes to how we should behave? More importantly, when did living life on your terms, regardless of your birthdate, become a topic of scrutiny?

At Sunsuper, we believe that if something makes you happy, then you should do it, and do it often.

The fact is, retirement is the perfect time to do what you love, to challenge yourself or to chase your dreams.

It’s when you have the time and, with the right financial plan in place, the confidence to back yourself.

So we say “act your age”, because if that means being able to do as you please, how could that ever be seen as a bad thing?

Get in touch to see how Sunsuper can help you to do what you want in retirement.

Call us on 13 11 84 or get in touch with a Sunsuper accredited financial adviser near you.1

1Sunsuper has established a panel of accredited external financial planners for our members. Sunsuper does not receive or pay any referral fees to these planners. Each of these planners will explain to you how their advice fees are determined. The accredited external financial planners are not employed by Sunsuper, and Sunsuper is not responsible for the advice provided by these planners.

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