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10/30/60 Revelation

Did you know up to 60% of your retirement income could be generated after the day you stop working – through earnings on your super? Here’s how the right advice now can sweep you effortlessly into, and right through retirement.

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[Intro music]

[Margie is sitting out in surf on her board facing the horizon]

<Super> The 10/30/60 Revelation

Margie: I’m no spring chicken but I just love surfing every day. Best surfer our there is always the one with the biggest smile on their face.

[Music picks up as Margie paddles for a wave and surfs it]

Margie: That buzz that you get just from catching a wave is a really lovely feeling just to be at one with the ocean.

<Super> It may not look like it, but this is Margie earning up to 60% of her retirement income.

[Margie comes in from the surf, up the beach, drying off and pouring a cup of tea from her thermos, which she enjoys sitting on the beach, looking out to sea]

Margie: The 10/30/60 rule was a real revelation, it’s actually really surprising that the bulk of your retirement income could be generated after the day you stop working, through earnings on your super.

[Evan sits in the Sunsuper Office]

Evan: Okay the 10/30/60 rule is actually quite simple.

<Super> Evan Poole, BA CFP Manager, Comprehensive Advice Services, Sunsuper

Evan: Only 10% of the money you will have in retirement will come from contributions made while you’re working. 30% comes from the interest earned on your savings while you’re still working. But here’s the surprise – the majority, up to 60% of it, comes from interest earned in the years after you retire. Knowing this can really change your perspective.

[Margie hangs up the washing. Her husband Fred calls out]

Fred: Come and have some breakie Margie

Evan: A lot of people might tell you to take your money out of super and invest it elsewhere, but finding and sticking with the right fund is crucial to continue to maximise your earnings — and total balance - right through retirement.

[Margie throws a ball to her dog]

Margie: After you retire you want your super to be doing all the hard work so you can get to do what you love doing. I feel very fortunate to be doing what I love every day.

[Margie puts her board on her car roof rack, waves goodbye to Fred and heads off for a surf]

<Super> Sunsuper logo. The 10/30/60 Revelation. Check it out

<Disclaimer> Products issued by Sunsuper Pty Ltd (ABN 88 010 720 840 AFSL No. 228975). Outcomes not guaranteed. Consider Product Disclosure Statement before deciding. For a copy call 13 11 84.

Assumes accumulated super from 20 to 65. Retirement years from 65 to 90. Contributions for 45 years at the Super Guarantee rate. Retirement income payments targeted to 90 years of age. Investment returns of 6.9% per year during accumulation and 7.5% in retirement, net of fees and any taxes. Calculation by Sunsuper based on the 10/30/60 rule (see Russell Investments: The 10/30/60 Rule. January, 2015).

How to make the most of the 10/30/60
Revelation at any stage of life

Add to your super to maximise your 10%

Start early and add to your super while you’re working. Then let the full effect of compound interest grow your balance for the future.

Choose the right investments to boost your 30%

Choose the right investment option for your super. Thanks again to compound interest, just a small increase to the return on your super investment could make a big difference over the long run.

Keep your money invested to enjoy your 60%

Find and stick with the right super fund right through your retirement. Make sure compound interest keeps working hard for you in retirement by accessing your super through a super pension like a Sunsuper Income account.

Ready to make the most of your 10/30/60 Revelation?


Add more to your super

Track down your other super accounts.

Use the Contributions calculator to see the difference adding to your super could make.


Choose your investments

Learn about your investment options with Sunsuper.

Find your investor profile.


Find out about Income accounts

A Sunsuper Income account could provide a smooth ride into, and right through retirement.

A Retirement Bonus of up to $2,400 could be paid into your account when you open an Income account.

Get the right advice from the start

Expert advice could make a big difference to how much your 10/30/60 is a Revelation.
Talk to a financial adviser now to help make sure you're on track for the future.

Call us on 13 11 84 or request an adviser to call you.

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