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The Sunsuper Leader

Here we'll outline what makes leaders at Sunsuper great. It describes the expectations, we have of you and all other Sunsuper leaders.

What differentiates Sunsuper's great leaders from good managers?

The Sunsuper leader:

As a great leader you will have a deep and lasting impact on our people, our customers, and our communities.

Enjoy your journey to great leadership!


Leads members' best interests

Sunsuper leaders demonstrate the utmost integrity and prudence in acting in our members' best financial interests.

Leads the Sunsuper culture

Sunsuper leaders create and nuture Sunsuper's desired culture within and around their teams.

Leads self and others

Sunsuper leaders' legacy will depend on the development and success of others.

Leads high performance

Sunsuper leaders build high performing teams who deliver results, sustainably.

Leads with vision

Sunsuper leaders articulate an aligned and compelling vision for their team.