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Combining your super can seem overwhelming, we hear you!

But the good news is that you’ve already taken some important steps and having us assist you with the process can help make things easier.


Before combining your super, consider the potential loss of insurance and other benefits that you may have with your existing fund. Also, think about where your future employer contributions will be paid.

Combine your super now with a simple phone call

You can phone us on 13 11 84 to combine your super. You’ll need the verification code detailed in the communication we sent/will send to you. Our service representative will also ask you some identifying questions to make sure you are in fact you!

What happens after I call?

After you’ve given permission for us to start combining your super, we’ll contact the other fund/s you have money with, they’ll send us your money (this can take up to 20 working days) and we’ll deposit it into your Sunsuper account.

We’ll let you know when it’s arrived into your account.

Binding Conditions of Use

These Conditions of Use set out the respective rights and obligations of the Sunsuper trustee and you, the member, with respect to rollover transactions conducted over the phone using your unique verification code. By phoning us and using your unique verification code in relation to a rollover transaction, you agree to be bound by these Conditions of Use.

1. Unauthorised transactions you are not responsible for

1.1 You will not be held liable for any losses arising from a transaction which you are not responsible for, including:
a) fraudulent or negligent conduct of the Sunsuper trustee’s employees or agents in relation to a transaction;
b) the Sunsuper trustee’s system or equipment malfunctioning, including non-completion of transactions and unreasonable delays in carrying out your valid instructions;
c) any unauthorised transaction where you have not contributed to such a loss; or
d) any unauthorised transaction occurring after you have notified the Sunsuper trustee that the security of your identifier has been breached.

1.2 If there is a loss to you as result of any of the matters listed in paragraph 1.1, Sunsuper is responsible for the loss.

2. Your obligations

2.1 It is your responsibility to safeguard your verification code. If you suspect your verification code may have been compromised, please contact us on 13 11 84 immediately.

2.2 The Sunsuper trustee will not be liable for any losses to you as a result of your failure to take adequate steps to safeguard your verification code, including where you have:
a) disclosed your verification code to someone else;
b) kept a record of your verification code in a place which is easily accessed by others without making any reasonable attempt to disguise the purpose of the code; or
c) failed to promptly notify us when you suspected your verification code may have been compromised,
or otherwise because of your negligence another person was able to use your verification code.

2.3 If there is a loss to you solely as a result of your failure to take adequate steps to safeguard your verification code, Sunsuper is not responsible for that loss.

2.4 If we suspect someone using your verification code may not be authorised to do so, we may decline to process the transaction. We will notify you promptly if we do this, using the contact details you have most recently given us. We have no liability to you for failing to process a transaction for this reason.

2.5 However we are entitled to assume that anyone using your verification code and correctly answering an identity authentication question is you, and we have no obligation to check the authority of any person using your verification code and correctly answering our authentication question.

3. Your liability

3.1 If there is a loss to Sunsuper as a result of your fraudulent use of your verification code or your failure to take adequate steps to safeguard your verification code, you are liable to Sunsuper for that loss. However, you are only responsible for losses directly arising from your conduct, and not any indirect consequences.

3.2 If there is a loss that results partly from your failure to take adequate steps to safeguard your verification code and partly from a matter you are not responsible for (including any of the matters listed in paragraph 1.1), losses will be allocated between the Sunsuper trustee and you based on each party’s contribution to the loss.

3.3 You cannot be liable for an amount greater than your total Sunsuper benefits, unless the loss results from your fraudulent conduct in which case there is no cap on your liability.

4. Where your instructions can’t be carried out

4.1 If the information you give is insufficient for us to process the transaction you requested, we will contact you to ask for the additional information we need within a reasonable time after finding out that the information is insufficient.

4.2 We will not process the transaction you requested while we do not have the necessary information. The processing time for your request will commence at the time we have received all necessary information.