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Upload your bank account details

Use this form to provide Sunsuper with your bank account details for your early access to super payment.

Step 1 - Save a copy of your bank account to your phone or computer.

There are several ways you can provide this information to Sunsuper:*

  1. Download a copy of your bank statement via your online bank account.
  2. Take a photo of your bank statement from your smartphone.
  3. Scan a copy of a bank statement.
  4. Ask your bank to email you a bank statement.

*Sunsuper does not require details of your transaction history or bank balance.

Step 2 - Provide a copy of the bank statement to us.

Once you have saved the file or photo of your bank statement to your phone or computer, click "Choose file" below and select the file or photo of your bank statement saved on your phone or computer.

Step 3 - Complete the form.

Enter your member number, first and last names and date of birth to proceed.

Find my member number

Step - 4 - Submit your bank account details

By clicking “Submit form”, you confirm you accept all risks associated with emailing your personal information. For more information refer to our Privacy Policy.