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Member forms

Income account holders click here to access your forms

Combine your super into Sunsuper

Learn more about combining your super.

Combine your super into Sunsuper
Rollover your super from other accounts into your Sunsuper account.

If you're not currently a member, please read the terms and conditions in the Sunsuper for life Product Disclosure Statement.

Choose Sunsuper for your super payments

Selecting Sunsuper
Choose Sunsuper for your super payments - includes complying fund statement.

Nominating a beneficiary

Learn more about nominating a beneficiary.

Preferred beneficiary nomination
To make a preferred death benefit nomination, complete the change of details form or log into Member Online.

Binding death benefit nomination form
Make, change or cancel a binding death benefit nomination.

Reversionary beneficiary nomination
Make a reversionary beneficiary nomination.

Change of details

Change of details
Update your address or beneficiary details, advise us of a name change or your Tax File Number, or get Member Online access.


Learn more about super contributions.

Direct debit request
Make regular voluntary contributions by direct debit from your bank account. Also for single voluntary contributions from your bank account where the amount is greater than your daily BPAY limit.

If the amount is lower than your BPAY limit, please use the Voluntary contribution form.

Spouse contribution advice
Make a contribution for your spouse.

Voluntary contribution
Make a one off voluntary contribution by cheque or BPAY (where the amount is below your daily BPAY limit).

If the amount is greater than your BPAY limit, please use the Direct debit request form.

Contribution splitting advice
To split contributions between you and your partner.

Work test employment declaration
For making voluntary contributions if you are between the ages of 65 and 74.

Transfer your super out of Sunsuper

Transfer to another super fund
Find out about transferring your super to another fund.

Transferring Australian super to New Zealand
Find out about transferring your super to a KiwiSaver account.

Accessing your super

Retirement or unrestricted super claim
Make a retirement or unrestricted super claim (for citizens or permanent residents of Australia or citizens of New Zealand only).

Temporary residents
For temporary residents to find out about accessing super.

Early access
Find out about applying for early access to your super.


You need to be a Sunsuper for life member and refer to the Sunsuper for life Insurance Guide and Product Disclosure Statement before completing these forms.

If you are a member of a Sunsuper Corporate plan, note that your corporate plan may have specific insurance arrangements, so please contact us for the appropriate insurance forms.

Tailored Insurance application
Apply for Tailored Insurance cover.

New Member Options
Increase your Death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Assist cover, or apply for Income Protection cover, if you've joined in the last 120 days.

White Collar cover
Increase the amount of cover you have by 50% at no extra cost, if eligible.

Life and Age Event insurance options
Increase your Death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Assist cover when your life changes.

Insurance variation
Reduce or cancel your existing insurance cover.

Transfer of insurance cover
Transfer your current insurance cover to Sunsuper.

Occupational rating
Have your occupation re-rated.

Income Protection transfer application
Transfer your Income Protection cover from your Sunsuper Corporate account to your Sunsuper for life account.

Claim a tax deduction

Notice of intent to claim a tax deduction (contributions made after 1 July 2007)
To let us know of your intent to claim a tax deduction on contributions made after 1 July 2007.

Income account forms

Setup a Retirement or Transition to Retirement Income account

Access your superannuation and set up an Income account.

Change of details
To update your address or beneficiary details or change your pension payment details.

To advise us of a name change or a change of bank account details, use the paper form.

Income account withdrawal request
To make a one off withdrawal from your pension.

Add money to your income account (Restart / Topup)
Add extra money to your Income account.

Third Party Authority

Authority to access information
Give authority to another person or company to access information about your Sunsuper account.