Sunsuper for life offers two types of Income accounts:

  • Retirement, and
  • Transition to retirement.


Provides members who have permanently retired from the workforce and have reached their preservation age, or have reached 65 years of age with a regular income from their account.

Transition to retirement

Designed for members who are aged between their preservation age and the age of 65, and are still working.

It allows you to supplement your income with a regular income from your superannuation savings whilst you transition to retirement.

An Income account is ideal for a lot of people because:

  • you can receive regular income paid directly to your Australian bank, building society or credit union account,
  • you can access your money if you need to,
  • you can choose from a range of investment options which you can vary with your changing needs,
  • you could benefit from favourable tax treatment,
  • you could benefit from favourable treatment for social security and Department of Veteran's Affairs (DVA) payments, and
  • you can nominate how much and to whom benefits are paid if you die.

Retirement Bonus

When you're ready to retire and activate your Income account a Retirement Bonus of up to $2,400 may be paid on Super-savings account funds moved into your Income account. Find out more about the Retirement Bonus.

Other benefits:

  • Low fees
    Sunsuper is a "profit for members" fund, which means profits are re-directed to lower fees and providing superior services. Find out more about our low fees.
  • Award winning
    In 2016, we have been awarded with the highest possible ratings from Canstar and Chant West for our Income accounts. SuperRatings also recognised Sunsuper as Pension Fund of The Year three years in a row - 2009, 2010 and 2011.  Find out more about the awards we've received.
  • Range of investment choices
    You can choose the Today and Tomorrow strategy or select from a range of investment options on offer. It's your choice and we're here to help. Find out more about making your investment choice.