Sunsuper provides access to competitive insurance to help protect yourself, your family and your lifestyle if something happens to take away your earning power.

As a Sunsuper for life member with a Super-savings account, eligible members (see below) receive:

  • automatic Death cover (including Terminal illness)
  • automatic Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Assist cover, 
  • ability to add Op In Income Protection (IP) cover,
  • options to increase your cover to meet your needs,
  • the option to tailor insurance to your personal needs,
  • competitive premiums, usually lower than cover you could organise yourself, and
  • premiums deducted from your super, so they have no impact on your take-home pay.

Death and TPD Assist cover and premiums 

Age last birthday1

Death and TPD Assist cover

Amount of cover

Premium3($) per week

Death TPD Assist2

Death and TDP Assist

Male Female
15 to 21 62,500 125,000 2.28 1.36
22 to 29 125,000 175,000 3.92 2.68
30 to 33


7.08 4.84






8.44 6.76










65 to 66


67 to 694 16,000 Nil 3.96 2.56

1 As all ages are not listed refer to the Sunsuper for life Insurance guide [PDF 6.4MB] for full details.
2 TPD Assist Annual Support Payments are calculated as one sixth of your cover amount as at the Date of Disablement.
3 Premiums for Death only cover are detailed in the Sunsuper for life Insurance guide [PDF 6.4MB].
4 Cover from age 67 is Death only.

Check the premium rates that will apply from 1 July 2016 [PDF 628KB].

Apply for more cover

Having the right level of insurance cover can give you peace of mind about the financial future for you and your family. We provide the opportunity to increase Death and TPD Assist cover or tailor your cover to your specific needs through Tailored  cover.

Insurance type How it works Requires underwriting
White Collar cover Get 50% more Death and TPD Assist cover at no additional cost. May also reduce premiums for Opt In IP. If outside of 120 days
Life and Age Event options Increase your cover at key life stages (eg. when you turn 30, 40, 50, get married, get divorced, have or adopt a child, death of your spouse, take out a residential mortgage, or increase your current mortgage by $100,000 or more). No
New Member options Get 50% more Death and TPD Assist cover and the option to take out Opt In Income Protection cover within 120 days of joining. No
Tailored cover Tailor your Death, TPD and Income Protection cover to suit your needs. You can also apply for Tailored cover if you're not eligible for Death and TPD Assist cover. Yes

If you're not sure how much insurance you need, try our insurance needs calculator.

Eligibility for Death and TPD Assist cover

On joining, you are eligible for automatic Death and TPD Assist cover in your Super-savings account if: 

  • you are age 15 to 69 (TPD Assist cover is not available from age 67), and
  • you haven’t previously received or been eligible to receive a Terminal Illness benefit, TPD benefit, or a benefit as a result of Permanent Incapacity or a Terminal Medical Condition from Sunsuper or another fund or insurer, and
  • you are ‘Employed’ (not a Self-Employed Person) and we receive a superannuation guarantee (SG) contribution for you.

If we receive your first SG contribution within 120 days from the date you joined your employer, your Death and TPD Assist cover starts from your Date Joined Employer. If we receive your first SG contribution outside 120 days from the date you joined your employer, your Death and TPD Assist cover starts from date of receipt of your first SG contribution, and you will be subject to Limited Cover. You can also continue your insurance cover in retirement if you continue to hold a Super-savings account (with a minimum account balance of $1,500) subject to eligibility and age-based limits.

If you are casual, a contractor, self-employed or employed under a work visa you are ineligible for Opt In IP cover. However, you can apply for Tailored cover, but restrictions apply. Call 13 11 84 for more information.

Reduce or cancel your cover

Should you wish to reduce or cancel your existing cover, please complete and return an Insurance variation form.

Making a claim

If an event that is likely to result in a claim occurs, it is important that you notify us as soon as possible by calling 13 11 84. For more information, please refer to our Sunsuper insurance claims guides.

Please note: The needs calculator, quote tool and online application are on AIA's website. Their terms of use will apply.

Insurance cover is provided through group life policies for Death and TPD, and Income Protection, issued by AIA Australia Limited ABN 79 004 837 861.

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