Employer contributions

Choose the super fund that best suits you. In most cases, your employer can make standard, compulsory contributions (usually 9.5% of your ordinary times earnings) straight into your Sunsuper account.

Voluntary after-tax contributions

Making your own payments into your super fund can make a big difference to your super balance.  Every contribution helps and the sooner they can be made, the better!  Make a voluntary after-tax contribution today.

Government co-contribution

The Government could give you money to boost your superannuation & help save for retirement via the Government co-contribution scheme. Find out if you're eligible.

Low Income Super Contribution

Grow your super savings faster by getting a boost from the Government.

Salary sacrifice

By contributing a little extra from your pre-tax salary you could boost your super and pay less tax!

Self employed contributions

If you’re self employed, you can join Sunsuper too!  Don’t miss out on super tax breaks you may be eligible for as a self-employed person making contributions into super. 

Spouse contributions

Build the life you want with your partner.  You may be able to contribute to your spouse’s retirement savings and get a handy tax rebate in the process. Find out more.