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PDS updates

From time to time there may be changes to the information in the Product Disclosure Statements. These may include changes in Product Disclosure Statements which are not material and/or adverse, and upcoming changes which may or may not be material.


Important update - Duty of Disclosure for insurance cover

This document provides important information which replaces the 'Duty of Disclosure for insurance cover' wording in Section 8 of the Sunsuper for life Insurance guide (issued 1 July 2021).


Important update - Indirect cost ratios and Transactional and operational costs

This document provides an update on indirect cost ratios and transactional and operational costs relating to the Sunsuper for life and Sunsuper for life Business Product Disclosure Statements issued on 1 July 2021.


Important updateChange to property asset class description

This document provides an update on the property asset class description found in the Sunsuper for life Investment guide.