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Potential QSuper merger update

In March 2020, Sunsuper and QSuper signed an agreement to enter a period of exclusive due diligence to explore a merger. This process is currently underway.

Why are we exploring a merger with QSuper?

Both QSuper and Sunsuper are award-winning, profit-for-member funds. This means we each focus entirely on maximising the retirement outcomes of our membership. There is a great deal of alignment and common purpose that unites us.

While no decision has been made and high-level due diligence is still being conducted, combining the capabilities and assets of both funds would likely generate substantial strategic and economic value and, most importantly, enhanced benefits for the membership of both funds.

We also share a sharp focus on the importance of establishing strong relationships with our employer clients and boast similar cultures and governance structures.

How will we decide if the merger will proceed?

Our sole focus during this period is to determine whether a merger is in the best interest of both Funds’ members. A merger will only take place if three clear tests are met; it is in the interests of Sunsuper members, it is in the interests of the QSuper members, and it is in the interests of all members when combined.

How can I find out more?

We will provide regular updates on the potential merger in this publication and notify you of any developments.