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One step income account submission

One step income account submission now available in Adviser Online.

Prior to implementation meeting with client

  • Create the Membership application - available in Adviser Online via the “Start transactions” tab
  • Go to the “Other Forms” tab in Adviser Online to find and complete:
  • any other required forms – Binding nomination, Direct debit request, Notice of intent to claim a tax deduction, etc.
  • the pension application (called an “Income account request” and can be found in the PDS & Guides section of the screen).

At the implementation meeting with client

  • Have the client sign the Membership application, plus other required forms, plus the Income account request form
  • Collect the supporting documents required for the Income account request form = Bank statement and ID.

Post-implementation meeting

  • In Adviser Online, go to the “Manage transactions” tab and find the incomplete/unsubmitted Membership application. Here you want to upload separate PDFs for the:
  1. Membership application
  2. Any other required forms (Binding nomination, Direct debit request, etc.)
  3. Income account request form
  4. Bank statement and ID
  • In the description section leave notes - Whether it’s just the description, or if there’s something special that needs to occur
  • Please note, we cannot setup Income accounts requesting for payments in a different FY until June of the current FY. Hold onto the form and submit it when it’s needed - via the “Upload Form” function available in the “Other Forms” tab.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 13 11 84 send an email to

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