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Early release of super (ERS)

Introduced in April 2020 by the Federal Government, ERS was designed to provide some economic relief to people feeling the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic by allowing them early access to their super.

With 4.8 million applications and $36 billion of payments across the industry, many people elected to take these payments and the short-term relief they provided is a reminder to the gravity of the situation so many in our community have faced.

Here's how we responded:

  • Member First: making over 485,000 payments to the value of $3.45 billion, we were there for our members during their time of need. Yet we have stayed true to our purpose by balancing this with a focus on engagement and reactivation meaning, for a large segment of these members, we continue to be their fund of choice to grow their lifelong savings.
  • Member Advocacy: we helped earn our members’ advocacy by driving strong digital engagement and timely servicing outcomes leading to overwhelmingly positive sentiment on social media and a forward shift in our internal Member Net Promoter Score.
  • Dynamic organisation: we acted quickly to deliver an end-to-end solution including high levels of automation and robust fraud controls whilst rapidly tailoring website content, our contact centre messaging and direct communications to promote digital channels and a simple and scalable experience, all of which helped set us apart from other funds across the industry.