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Member stories

At Sunsuper, our members are at the heart of everything we do. We're proud more than one million Australians have put their trust in us to look after their retirement savings. Here's what a few of them had to say about being members of Sunsuper.


"As a 21 year old architecture student from Qld University I started work for a large Brisbane based practice in 1994, and opened my first superannuation account with Sunsuper. Over the years, I’ve worked at over 5 different firms, with constant employer requests to change my superannuation provider. I’ve always nominated Sunsuper as my preferred fund, and I’ve kept rolling the funds over and across from each employer. Over the years I’ve found Sunsuper performs well financially, and their statements and periodic communications via email are always easy to follow and understand.

At 33 years of age, my wife and I embarked on parenthood, so I decided to consider life insurance more carefully. With two children at home now, I’ve had a dedicated life insurance policy with Sunsuper for over 10 years, and as I commute to work on bicycle, it gives me some extra peace of mind. The insurance premiums are affordable and easy to pay, with funds automatically processed with my regular Super contributions."


"I joined Sunsuper last year when I started a new job. I chose them as I heard only good stories about them from other members. I'd gathered many super funds over the years and found it easy to roll them all over to my Sunsuper account. Whenever I call the customer service team with a question they're always very helpful. I've also spoken to the advice team who got me on the right path to maximise the benefits of my super account. I'm looking forward to downloading the new app and watching my super grow."


“I have enjoyed being a member of Sunsuper in the past 12 months. Before I joined Sunsuper, I was with one of the large ASX listed commercial funds. The fee structure was very complicated and unreasonably high. The investment products were not only hard to understand but also performing poorly. The main reason for my change was the unsatisfactory customer support. I chose Sunsuper based on a referral from a friend and I was pleasantly surprised by Sunsuper’s products and services. The on boarding process was straight forward. The fee is much lower and the investments have been performing well in the current financial environment. I was finally able to sort out the insurance products within my super fund.

I found that Sunsuper’s retirement calculator was easy to use which assisted me in building a secured financial future for my family. The Dream Rewards Program is also a great value adding benefit to me as a member. Well done Sunsuper.”


"I've become a member since 2012 when I moved interstate. I was concerned with my other super and how it sits with the other state. Sunsuper was supportive and did the hard work for me and not only rolled over my known superannuation they found other accounts I didn't realise I had - Bonus!! Love the user friendly website and online account so I can see my account and where it is at and to make changes myself in an instant. Great to know I can also update my beneficiaries when I see fit."


"Sunsuper found and rolled all of his super into his Sunsuper account - Don't have to wait in a queue to speak to friendly helpful staff on the telephone."


"I'm one of the millennials that kind of "sets and forgets" about their super, BUT I have changed jobs twice and I chose to stay with Sunsuper. I consolidated my super from my first job as well to Sunsuper. Many years ago I did ring up to change my insurance and the staff were very friendly."


"Thank you SUNSUPER for being so helpful for last 18 years as you made many tasks easy like transferring funds, getting life cover organised and extremely top class quick response to our inquiries by Sunsuper staff. Much appreciated!!!"


"I have been with Sunsuper since 2000, and I have kept them my number one choice for my superannuation all theses years, no matter which career path I have taken."


"I have taken Sunsuper with me to every job I've had. It's so easy to do."