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Low fees

The old saying “every little bit helps” is especially true with super. Sunsuper fees are amongst the lowest in the industry. We keep them low by returning our profits to our members, and we don’t charge entry fees or pay commissions to advisers.

Our members only pay a small administration fee out of their super each week, which goes towards having the best minds looking after your money. Then there’s just the costs that have been incurred by the investment option you select.

Competitive fees and no commissions

  • The Sunsuper for life Super-savings account Administration fees consists of $1.50 per week and 0.10% p.a. on the first $800,000 of your account balance.
  • The Sunsuper for life Income account administration fee is $4.00 per week, plus 0.10% p.a. on the portion less than $800,000.00 of your balance.
  • Investment fees will depend on the investment option or options you select.
  • A net exit fee of $40 (except on partial cash withdrawals from an Income account).
  • You pay no entry fees and no commissions.
  • All profits are returned to Sunsuper members.

We welcome a comparison with other funds and a quick check of a comparison tool from super funds ratings house, Chant West's AppleCheck shows we offer among the lowest fees in the industry. Compare us on value, fees and costs.

Types of fees and charges

Administration fee
A fee charged for the administration or operation of a super fund.
Investment fee
A fee that relates to the investment of the assets of a super fund. This includes investment management and performance fees.
Buy-sell spread
A fee to recover transaction costs incurred by the Trustee, or the Trustees, of a super fund in relation to the sale and purchase of assets of the fund.
Switching fee
A fee to recover the costs of switching all or part of a member’s balance from one investment option to another.
Exit fee
A fee to recover the costs of withdrawing all or part of a members’ balance from a fund.
Activity fee
A fee for activities that are conducted at the request or consent of a member. For example, fees for a family law split request.
Advice fee
A fee charged for financial product advice given by the fund to a member.
Insurance fee
A fee charged that relates to the provision of insurance cover to members of the fund.
Indirect cost ratio
A fee or cost that reduces the return on your investment in the fund.