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A transition to retirement strategy in detail

By setting up a Sunsuper for life Income account you can draw an income while salary sacrificing into your super account.

For details on how an Income account works and fees that apply read the Sunsuper for life guide Important information about how superannuation works (including Income accounts), and more details of the fees and costs that apply to your account. Or, see a quick snapshot below.

  • Pay less tax! By salary sacrificing, you generally only pay 15% tax on this money, instead of your normal tax rate. How much you can save depends on your income.
  • Boost your super. You'll get super from your employer as well as through salary sacrifice
  • Get the same take-home pay. Check your employer allows you to salary sacrifice first and tell them how much to pay. Draw a regular income from Sunsuper to replace the money from salary sacrifice.

We recommend you get some advice to make sure a transition to retirement strategy meets your needs.