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Investment fees

The fees you pay over a lifetime can really add up. At Sunsuper, we do not take profit from investment fees. So you may find overall, our fees are lower than many other Australian super funds. 

Estimated investment fees

Below are the 2016–2017 estimated investment fees for our main investment options.

Investment Option Base Fee Performance Fee

Lifecycle Investment Strategy

(available to Super-savings members only)

0.39% p.a. 0.09% p.a.
Growth 0.39% p.a. 0.09% p.a.
Balanced 0.39% p.a. 0.09% p.a.
Retirement 0.38% p.a. 0.09% p.a.
Conservative 0.38% p.a. 0.09% p.a.

The actual investment fees for 2015-16 will be published in the Annual report, available here in the second half of 2016.

Our Sunsuper for life guide [PDF 4.8MB] provides information on the estimated base and performance fees of all our investment options including information on the nature of performance fees and tax (if applicable) on investment earnings.

Want to learn more?

Sunsuper for life Investment guide
Download the Investment guide [PDF 8MB]