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White collar cover

White Collar cover can be applied to automatic Death and TPD Assist cover, New Member options, Life and Age Event options and Opt In Income Protection (IP) cover.

How it works

You can request White Collar cover when you join, or at any time afterwards.

If you are an eligible White Collar worker with Death & TPD Assist cover, you can get 50% more Death and TPD Assist cover for no extra cost! When you join Sunsuper, you have 120 days in which you can add Opt In Income Protection (IP) cover without complicated forms and medical information. Where Opt In IP cover is held, and if accepted, White Collar cover may reduce your premiums for Opt In IP or entitle you to more cover at no additional cost.

To be eligible for White collar cover, you must:

  • be permanently employed and work at least 15 hours per week, and
  • perform at least 80% of your work in an office environment (excluding travel from one job to another), and
  • work in a role limited to clerical, administration, managerial (or similar),which does not involve more than 10% light manual duties.

Here's an example to show how it works

Lucy is 35 years old and is eligible for White Collar cover. She currently has Death and TPD Assist cover of $240,000. She pays $4.84 per week in premiums. As she is eligible for White Collar cover, she can receive $360,000 in Death and TPD Assist cover and will still pay a premium of $4.84 per week.

Things to consider

  • where cover commenced more than 120 days after the date you joined your employer, and Death, Total and Permanent Disablement or Terminal Illness is caused by suicide or any self-inflicted act within 12 months of increasing your cover an increased benefit will not be paid.
  • If you cease making contributions or have a low account balance insurance premiums could erode your retirement savings and your cover may cease.
  • Limited cover will apply to the increase amount, this means that you will not be covered for pre-existing illness or injury. Limited cover will apply for a period of 24 months and until you have been at work for 30 consecutive days after the end of the 24 month period.

How to apply

You can apply for White Collar cover when joining Sunsuper online, on your membership application form or if it is after 120 days from joining Sunsuper, you can complete the complete the White collar application form [PDF 116KB].

Need more information?

Check out the Sunsuper for Life insurance guide [PDF 6.3MB] or give us a call on 13 11 84 and we'll talk you through it.