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Keep your insurance cover

  • From 1 July 2018, Sunsuper adopted the Insurance in Super Voluntary Code of Practice. One of the key principles of the Code of Practice is to protect members retirement savings from unnecessary erosion due to insurance premiums.
  • From 1 July 2019, the Protecting Your Super Package (PYSP) legislation, designed to further protect member’s super savings from unnecessary fees and insurance premiums then took effect.
  • For Sunsuper members, this means that we’ll cancel insurance cover if your account has not received an Eligible Contribution* for 12 months (we call this inactivity).
  • Australian Government reforms restrict when super funds can provide automatic insurance cover to members. The purpose of this is to help protect members' retirement savings from being eroded by premiums for insurance cover they may not want or need. Under the Putting Members’ Interests First reforms effective from 1 April 2020, we cannot automatically provide insurance cover to members before they attain age 25 or before their account balance reaches $6,000. These age and balance requirements are now a key component of the eligibility criteria for you to automatically receive Standard insurance cover. Sunsuper applied these age and account balance requirements from 29 March 2020. However, you have the option to request Standard insurance cover before the age 25 and $6,000 account balance requirements (subject to you meeting the other eligibility criteria). See the Opt in to Standard cover sooner section for details.

If you don’t want your insurance cover to stop as a result of inactivity, you need to let us know in writing that you would like to keep it. You can do this by simply completing and submitting the form below.

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By submitting this form, you are making the following declaration to Sunsuper in writing:

  • I’ve considered my insurance needs and wish to keep the insurance in my Sunsuper account, even if no eligible contributions are made to my account for continuous periods of 12 months or longer, or my balance is below $6,000
  • I understand that premiums will continue to be deducted from my account, and have considered the effect this will have on my super balance in retirement.
  • I acknowledge that if my account remains inactive my insurance cover may still stop in the future in the circumstances outlined in my Insurance guide.
  • I understand that I am still able to cancel my cover at any time in the future

  • *Note, under the ‘Protecting Your Super’ legislation, the maximum period of not receiving an Eligible Contribution before your insurance cover is cancelled is 16 months. To align with our commitment to comply with the Insurance in Superannuation Voluntary Code of Conduct and to further help reduce the impact of insurance premiums eroding your account, we have selected a period of 12 months.