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Have you left some super behind?

When we search for our members, 6/10 find other super. Could you be one? If you’ve had more than one job, there’s a good chance you’ve got super to claim. And who knows how much it’s worth?

It’s easy as

Since January 2014 we’ve found an average of $10,700 for members who’ve let us use their TFN to search and then rolled in.

We regularly search for other super by using your tax file number to the extent we’re allowed. If we receive money from the ATO or find money with other funds, we’ll be in touch.

Just complete and submit this form to give us permission to put our Super Search service to work for you on your behalf. We’ll use your TFN to check if you’ve got any lost or other super out there. And it’s at no additional cost!

It’s easy as

How will Sunsuper find my lost and other super?

Sunsuper uses the Australian Tax Office’s (ATO) SuperMatch Program to look for your other super. Under the program, the ATO supplies participating funds with details of other super accounts for their members so the fund can contact these members and unite them with their super.