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Combine super

Do you have other super accounts aside from your Sunsuper account? Many of us do, but did you know that having multiple accounts means you're most likely paying multiple sets of fees and potentially earning less interest? When you bring all your super savings together in one account, you'll not only save on fees but the power of compound interest will help boost your savings faster.

Animation showing super accounts being combined.

Got it? Let’s do something about it!

Combine your super using the Sunsuper rollover tool

In less than 10 minutes, if you're a Sunsuper member you can combine of your other accounts into your Sunsuper account using the Sunsuper rollover tool.

It's important to note before you start, please consider your total level of insurance cover, any exit fee your other fund(s) may charge and where your super is currently being paid – this doesn’t change automatically when you roll over your funds.


Combine your Super Now

What happens next?

After you’ve completed our secure online form, we’ll contact your other funds and arrange for your super balances to be transferred to your Sunsuper account. We’ll let you know via email and send a confirmation letter once we've received the funds.

Things to consider before deciding

We encourage you to compare Sunsuper with your other fund(s). A quick check of a comparison tool from a super fund ratings house, like Chant West's AppleCheck, will show you how we stack up.

Any insurance you have with your other fund(s) would normally be cancelled when you roll out. You may be eligible to transfer insurance cover you may have with your other fund(s) to Sunsuper. To transfer your existing cover, please complete and return the Transfer of insurance cover form [PDF88KB].

Make sure you don’t roll over until you have received confirmation from Sunsuper that your transfer request has been accepted by Sunsuper.

If you'd like to get a full view of your account activity online, log into Member Online.