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Find and combine

It's worth taking the time to find and combine your super accounts. After all, your super is your money and by the time you retire it could represent one of your biggest assets. 

In a few simple steps you can find any lost or unclaimed super you may have, and bring together all your super accounts into your Sunsuper account. You'll save on fees, reduce your paperwork and find it easier to track and manage your super going forward.

Find my super

Maybe you've moved house and haven't updated your contact details. Or perhaps you've changed jobs and forgotten to take your super with you. Whatever the case may be, you may have lost super that's ended up at the Australian Tax Office, or super with other funds. The good news is we can help you get it back!

Combine my super

If you have more than one super account, you'll be paying more than one set of fees, and have money in different places. We can help you bring it all together in a few simple steps.

Ready to combine your super?

If you're a Sunsuper member, know the details of your other super accounts, and have made up your mind to combine them into your Sunsuper account, use the Sunsuper Rollover tool. We can also look for any other super you might have while we're at it!

Want to find your lost and other super?

If you’d like for us to provide a secure search now, just give us the okay and we’ll track it down for you.


Advice for life events

Call  13 11 84

We're here to help

Life is full of changes – new jobs, buying a home, starting a family and eventually retirement. When things change, it’s nice to know you’ll have someone who can help you work out how to put funds away for your retirement, no matter what happens in life. If you’d like advice, we’re only one call away.