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Find and combine your super funds

It's worth taking the time to find and combine your other super accounts. You'll save on fees, reduce your paperwork and find it easier to track and manage your super going forward.

Plus, when you bring all your super savings together in one account, the power of compound interest will help boost your savings faster.

In a few simple steps you can search for any other super money you may have, then, if you choose, combine them together into your Sunsuper account.

Instantly search for your other super funds

Search for lost and other superannuation accounts you may have using our instant online rollover tool.
(To complete an instant search, Sunsuper must have your email address and mobile phone number on file. You can update your details here).

More ways to find your other super

Don’t have an email address or use a mobile phone? No worries. There's a few other ways we can get the search rolling.

Why combine with Sunsuper?

You could save time and money by combining your super into one account with Sunsuper. You'll benefit from our low administration fees, solid investment returns and outstanding customer service. Plus, we're one of Australia’s most highly rated and awarded super funds, including being named Money magazine’s Best Super Fund Manager 2018 and 2019.

How do we find your lost and other super?

By providing your Tax File Number (TFN) and consent to search, Sunsuper can check if you have any lost or other super accounts using the Australian Tax Office’s SuperMatch program. 

Not a Sunsuper member? No worries!

You can still combine your other super with Sunsuper but you’ll need to join first. 
Joining is quick and easy with our online application form. Once you’re a member, you can search and combine instantly.

Search and get results straight away!

If you’re a Sunsuper member (and we have your email address and mobile phone number on file) you can use our instant rollover tool and track down your other super funds right away.

Before you decide, you should compare Sunsuper with your other fund(s). Also, consider any exit fees, your insurance cover and where you super is currently being paid.

Let's do it now