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TPD claims

If you have had to stop working permanently due to injury, sickness or illness, you may be eligible to claim against your Total and Permanent Disability insurance.

How to claim:

1. Have the following information ready:

  • Your Sunsuper membership number
    • You can find this number in the top right hand corner of your Annual Statement as well as most other correspondence from Sunsuper
  • Details about your injury or sickness/illness
    • The date on which your injury first occurred or your sickness/illness first presented itself
    • Details and the date of your diagnosis
  • Details about your work status
    • The date you last worked
    • The amount of hours worked per week leading up to your injury or sickness/illness

2. Call Sunsuper on 13 11 84 to start the claims process

Our Claims Team will confirm your details and advise you of the documents and information you might need for the claim to be assessed. They will also send you the claim forms.

3. Complete and return the TPD claim forms

You’ll also need to include any supporting documents that may have been requested by the Claims Team.

We're here to help

If you'd like some more information on making a claim, have a read through our TPD Claims guide [PDF 2.39KB] or give us a call on 13 11 84.