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Terminal Illness claims

A Terminal Illness claim is a request for your Sunsuper superannuation account balance and Death insurance cover, where you are suffering a Terminal Illness and are likely to pass away within 12 or 24 months.

Insurance cover for Terminal Illness is provided as a part of your Death insurance cover. If you don’t have Death insurance with Sunsuper, you may be able to claim your superannuation balance as a Terminal Medical Condition benefit.

How is a Terminal Illness defined?

A person is considered to be suffering a Terminal Illness condition if two doctors certify the person is likely to pass away within 12 or 24 months depending on the insurance policy that applies to you, as set out in your Sunsuper for life Insurance guide or your Sunsuper for life Corporate Insurance guide .

A Terminal Illness benefit is paid as a lump sum benefit.

How to make a Terminal Illness claim?

If you believe you may be eligible to claim Terminal Illness benefit, we are here to help you throughout the claims process. There are three major steps that you need to complete in order to submit a Terminal Illness claim and they are explained in detail within the Sunsuper Insurance Claims guide - Terminal Illness.